YEM Exclusive Interview | with Tobie Donovan from Heartstopper


Is everyone excited for the return of Netflix series Heartstopper? The second season of this renowned series is just far beyond the horizon, slated for its release on August 3rd. But for those yearning for more of what the show can offer, we have some exciting news for you! We have an exclusive interview with Tobie Donovan, who stars as Isaac Henderson in the series! We cannot wait to talk to Tobie as he talks about Heartstopper, his character Isaac, and his debut in the show, brought to you by Young Entertainment Exclusive! Because the series is already released, if you are planning on reading this interview and have not watched the series, this article will actively avoid any spoilers regarding the series. For those planning to watch before reading this article, we highly recommend watching it first. And now, onto this interview and its refresher.

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The series Heartstopper has been a fan-favorite since its release in 2022. It has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of LGBT people and its pacing. Not only has this show been positively received from fans of the original webcomic and graphic novel, but this coming-of-age, romantic comedy series has won numerous awards since its first season release. These awards ranged from receiving at least nine nominations. It eventually won five awards from the Children’s And Family Emmy Awards, an impressive feat considering its singular season.

From a series that ranked Top 10 among English series on Netflix, the series has gained tremendous popularity since then and is slated for two more seasons. The second season will be arriving on August 3rd, and its third season is currently in development as we speak. Here’s a fun fact that might seize your interest. If you’re planning on watching the show: the author of the original series wrote the series!

As mentioned earlier, did you know the series was based on a graphic novel and webcomic of the same name? While the television series and graphic novels share the same name, the graphic novels still follow the same story written in the television series. The story follows the lives of Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring as they fall in love. The main difference between the show and the graphic novel is the addition of any newer characters in the televised series. The graphic novel served as an expansion to the author’s novella titled, Nick and Charlie, written back in 2015.

For those curious about the writer, here’s some little tidbits on Alice Oseman! When she was only 17, Oseman received her first publishing deal and released Solitaire, her first novel, in 2014. She then released more young adult novels, such as Radio SilenceI Was Born for This, and Loveless. Eventually, she would release her biggest hit, Heartstopper, a series she illustrated and wrote herself. The series exploded in popularity. Bringing Oseman many opportunities that brought Heartstopper to have multiple graphic novels and even a television show on Netflix. Oseman would eventually earn nominations from the BAFTA TV Awards and the Children’s and Family Emmy Awards. Her achievements do not stop there, as she has also won many Inky Awards for her books.

Here is some information on Tobie Donovan! A young and rising actor in his 20s, his fame skyrocketed upon being cast as Isaac Henderson in Heartstopper!

We first asked Tobie what it was like to act in his very first, on-screen role. Tobie immediately answers that it was the biggest dream come true. He comments how excited he was to head to work every day, a feeling he never really felt before. Before he even worked on Heartstopper, Tobie takes a moment to talk about his former employment at a supermarket. He mentions how he would dread heading to work. Tobie takes a small moment to mention how this was everything he dreamed of as a child. He talks about how fun the project was, and will wholeheartedly do it all again if he could. If you want to know more about Tobie and his career, be sure to watch the entire video for the full interview!

Thank you, Tobie, for spending some time with us! You can follow him on his Instagram at @tobiedonovan_, and on his YouTube channel where he uploads his behind-the-scene vlogs at Please also watch the interview below. We ask Tobie more questions about his time in the show. This consists of his on-stage productions from Bath Theatre Academy, what he sees for Isaac in the future, and what he did behind the scenes of Heartstopper! While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!