YEM Interview: Jameson Burt speaks all about his music

Jameson Burt is a singer songwriter. Jameson recently came out with a new album titled Right Time. YEM was able to interview Jameson about so many things. He spoke about his new album, music in general, his tour, and was able to let us know so much about him and the music that he puts out into the world.

When asked “How would you describe your sound to someone who is just starting to familiarize themselves with your catalog of songs?” He responded “I’m a singer songwriter, I think my guitar playing is a big part of my sound and melody is a big part of my sound, romance. The best answer to that question is for you to listen and let me know what you think. That’s much more interesting.” He also was asked “What was the recording process like for your new album Right Time?”  and said “It always starts with the writing process, which is me alone on my balcony. A Lot of nights thinking and writing, and writing, and rewriting, and playing around with ideas just on the guitar or piano. That’s how it always starts and when an idea is ready, a lot of times i will capture the first little bit at home just on the piano or acoustic guitar, maybe the vocal first. Then I started to work with my creative partner Andrew Wesley Carter at a studio we have called Ego Studio in Santa Ana. Then we just start building things. Again it was recorded during the pandemic so he and I were in contact but some of the other players I normally use weren’t available or we couldn’t see each other so Andy and I did a lot of it alone, and really building it from the ground up and I kept writing songs and it was like a year and a half process to make this record. We ended up getting to have people record remotely, Dave Beste from Rival Sons, Justin Burrow, and my drummer Devin Beaman, and I am really happy with how it came out. I hope you like it.”

Make sure to watch the full interview that YEM did with Jameson below. Jameson answered so many questions that let us know alot about who he is. He also spoke so much about his music career and it was so interesting to be able to learn about his relationship with singing and songwriting. During the interview he even spoke about what fans can expect from him in the future and about his tour that he was on. Also make sure that you stream Jaemson’s music anywhere that you listen to music!