YEM Interview: Jearnest Corchado shares what she has learned about the craft of acting from working with multiple big-name actors

Jearnest Corchado is an actress that can be seen as  the lead in the new Peacock holiday film The Housewives of the North Pole, which started streaming on December 9th 2021. She is also part of an amazing A-list voice over cast in the new audio drama podcast For Blood Or Justice. YEM was able to speak with Jearnest about how she decided to start acting, how she prepares for her roles, and advice she has for other actors.

Young Entertainment Mag: How do you feel about being called one of the most promising Latinx actresses?

Jearnest Corchado: It is pretty surreal. I’ve always dreamed of one day becoming an A lister in Hollywood and I’ve been working towards that since I was 8 years old.. so it’s definitely nice to get recognized for my work. It’s a dream come true.

YEM: You have a plethora of talents at your disposal. What or who made you decide to pursue acting?

Jearnest: I don’t know anymore, I feel like I was born performing. I would always dance in front of my family. (Ha ha) I always loved expressing myself through any medium possible (dancing, singing, acting) and I think that need of expressing myself has only gotten stronger with time. I’m a very passionate person.

YEM: Growing up in Puerto Rico, what were some challenges you faced on your path to Hollywood? 

Jearnest: Uff! Living on an island that barely had a film industry… I think if I had been born in Los Angeles, I would have started my career as a professional actress WAY sooner. I started working on tv shows back home when I was 8 years old,  but it was only for the local tv and I barely had any opportunities. I definitely think that delayed my journey a bit. But I also got to live life, and enjoy life before starting to worry about a career, you know? So I guess I’m grateful for that.

YEM: How do you prepare for your various roles across multiple streaming services and cable networks?

Jearnest: I like to study my lines, feel the energy of the character and the show.. and usually I like to coach. I love to coach for my auditions. I’m always learning and exploring new things. I’m also always learning new skills.. like boxing, dancing, yoga, tennis etc.

YEM: What was it like adding voice acting to your talents? And alongside just names as Danny Trejo, Kellan Lutz and more? 

Jearnest: I loved it! It was a dream come true to work on For Blood Or Justice. I’ve admired Danny Trejo for so long, he is such a Latinx icon. I definitely still hope we get to work on the big screen one day though, I would love to work with him on a set. But I loved the voice over journey, it wasn’t much different than acting for camera. I got to cry and really feel my character’s pain.

YEM: Do you have a favorite role and if so, what made it stand out more than the others? 

Jearnest: Wow, this one is really hard. I think I always fall in love with my characters. They all show a side of me. I think my role as Marisol on Little America and my role as Sofia Martin are my two favorites. They are complex characters, they have so much depth to them. They both are strong, brave and very admirable. I love playing characters that are in a way, the “heroes” of the story. They are human and yet very heroic. You know?

YEM: Considering you’ve been working so much, how do you destress?

Jearnest: I love to come back home to my family. Spend time with my parents, brothers, grandparents.. they are my everything. And traveling ! That always makes me feel happy and at peace.

YEM: What have you learned about the acting craft working with multiple big-name actors?

Jearnest: Everyone has their own way of doing it. I think that is very valuable. There’s no right way of doing it, you gotta find what works for you.

YEM: What expectations did you have before coming to Hollywood and how have those changed? 

Jearnest: I think I always expected it to be difficult and it has been, but I am pleasantly surprised with what I’ve accomplished. For a Latina to be working this much and have had so many lead roles, it’s a big deal.. for me, for my community, for my island… and I know it is all thanks to the people that came before me, who have fought for us (Latinx) to get recognized, to be valued and to be given a voice. And I hope to be part of that change as well. I hope that my own journey inspires others to keep pushing, to keep creating opportunities and to keep portraying Latinos in the most beautiful and authentic way possible.

YEM: Is there any role you wish you could perform again? If so, why? 

Jearnest: Ahhhh all of them I swear!!!!! My top ones are Sofía Martin from Cucuy The Boogeyman, Nori from Sneakerheads and Marisol for Little America. I would LOVE to!!! And I would absolutely love if For Blood Or Justice becomes a live action series because I know I would have a blast playing Yada again. It would be amazing!!!

YEM: Are there any unannounced projects you’re involved in that you’re excited about? 

Jearnest: Yes!!! I’m expanding a bit and working on the Latino market as well! So very soon I’ll be on a very big streaming service speaking Spanish! But I can’t say which yet! It will come out later this year.

YEM: What advice do you have for any aspiring actors outside the U.S.? 

Jearnest: Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t become an actor. Or that dreaming that is “nonsense.” It is not nonsense! It’s a beautiful thing and if you focus and work hard on your craft, you will make it!!! Trust yourself, be optimistic and hopeful and continue dreaming BIG.

Make sure to watch The Housewives of the North Pole!

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