YEM Interview: Josephine Decker talks about The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere is a coming-of-age romantic drama film based on a novel of the same name. The movie premiered on Apple TV+ and in select theaters on February 11th. The film is about a shy, teenage musician who tries to keep things together in the aftermath of her older, more outgoing sister’s death. YEM was able to speak with the director of The Sky is Everywhere, Josephine Decker. In the interview Josephine speaks about so much including the making of the film. She also speaks about things she learned while making the movie. The interview is filled with information about the film that everyone who watches it should know!

Josephine was asked “When did you first learn about The Sky is Everywhere? How did this project fall into your hands?” . She responded by saying “My agent Meghan Oliver at Paradigm sent me the script and I fell in love with it . I was like I have to make this! I have to make this! It’s about classical music, it takes place in the redwood forest, it has an unconventional family dynamic, and very importantly it’s about this really tense, profound experience of a young woman who’s lost her sister, which is at the heart of a very beautiful, playful, comedic, romantic, exploration that is a coming of age film so I was like how does it hold all these things? I have to make this.”

Make sure to watch the full interview YEM did with Josephine below. The interview is filled with great bits of information that you can only get from the director of the film herself! Josephine shares what she learned during the making of the movie, and so much about the process. The movie sounds amazing so don’t miss out on watching The Sky is Everywhere on Apple TV+ and in select theaters.