YEM Interview: Keedron Bryant shares how he wants to encourage people with his music

Keedron Bryant is a 14 year old singler. He recently came out with his single “Hello”. Hello was released as well as a music video for it. YEM was able to speak with Keedron about why singing and songwriting is important to him, where he got the inspiration to write “Hello”, and what impact he hopes to have on the world.

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you know that you wanted to be a singer?

Keedron Bryant: At the age of 5 I knew I wanted to be a singer. I started singing in the church choir, school plays, and also recording social media videos.

YEM: Why is singing and songwriting important to you?

Keedron: Singing is so important to me because, it is how I let go of any stress, I feel free when I sing, and I get bless people with my gift.

YEM: If you could describe singing and/or songwriting in one word, what would it be?

Keedron: If I could describe singing in one word it would be ‘’freedom”

YEM: What is the best piece of music advice you’ve been given and would pass to others?

Keedron: The best piece of music advice I’ve been told was from The Legend Dr.Dre. My Uncle told me to “always be yourself no matter what, because I’m a star”. And those words have took me throughout my music career.

YEM: What was it like singing on Good Morning America?

Keedron: Singing on GMA was an amazing experience, I actually sung “I Know I Been Changed” which was apart of movie “American Skin” I was featured on.

YEM: Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why?

Keedron: My biggest inspiration in life is My Parents because they have token care of me, taught me valuable things from a very young age, and has played one of the biggest roles in my life.

YEM: Do you have any new upcoming songs that you want fans to be aware of?

Keedron: Yes I have an upcoming EP coming on the top of the New Year 2022, I am telling you it is going to be some dope songs y’all can jam to.

YEM: When was a time that you faced a challenge as a music artist and how did you overcome it?

Keedron: I had to face balancing school, teen life, and being a recording artist at the same time. So it was pretty challenging but God is bringing me through and the help of my parents as well.

YEM: What do you want people to take away from your song “I JUST WANNA LIVE”? What is the message of the song, and how is it relevant in society?

Keedron: I want people to feel hopeful that the world can change if we take a stand. Also, to get out there that Black people just wanna live without any fear of being murdered for our skin color just like George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and many more happening in our world today.

YEM: What was it like making a music video for your song “I JUST WANNA LIVE”?

Keedron: Making the music video for IJWL was such a powerful experience even though it was music video I had to think that this stuff happens in real life. But I had a lot of fun shooting that video.

YEM: What is your newest single “Hello” about?

Keedron: My new single “Hello” is about the girl of dreams I just met and I’m getting to know her a little bit and just stopping by to say “Hello” lol.

YEM: Where did you get inspiration to write “Hello”?

Keedron: CoaCoa S. wrote “Hello” and she was also in the studio with me when I recorded it.

YEM: What’s the biggest positive change in the music industry that you’ve noticed since you’ve been singing?

Keedron: The biggest positive change I have seen in the industry was , when Lifetime Legends such as, LeBron James, former President Barack Obama, Janet Jackson, SnoopDog, Dr.Dre and many more were being impacted by my song I Just Wanna Live.

YEM: Can music bring people together? Why or why not?

Keedron: I believe that music can bring people together because music is so powerful it can speak to anybody situation, or it can make you feel good in your soul.

YEM: What is the impact you hope to have on the world?

Keedron: I want to be the light in dark times, encourage people when they want to give up, and just make people smile or cry tears of joy.

Listen to “Hello” here:

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