YEM Interview: Lilo embraces how singing covers of songs inspires her to write her own music

Lilo Baier is an actress and a singer. She recently came out with an EP. Her EP contains 5 songs, and is titled “Introducing Lilo.” YEM was able to speak with Lilo about how she planned to celebrate the release of her EP, advice she would give to teens who want to break into the business but don’t know where to start, and where she would like to see her career go

Young Entertainment Mag: What has been the biggest culture shock that you have experienced since moving from Singapore to Los Angeles?

Lilo Baier: The biggest culture shock moving to LA was definitely the traffic. In Singapore, if I wanted to go anywhere it would take 20-30 minutes. But in LA, that same trip could take 2 hours. Everyone in LA travels by car and it is a very large city – so the streets are always packed. But I have the beautiful California sky to look at and sing along to some songs on the car radio.

YEM: Your Ep has a mix of upbeat tempos as well as soulful ballads, do you have a favorite song off the EP?

Lilo: The song “Better in Time” is a beautiful emotional ballad. It’s about how there may be bumps in every life journey, but by believing in yourself and never giving up, things will get better in time.

YEM: What was it like to shoot the music video for ‘Real Friends’?

Lilo: The real friends music video was an amazing experience. I got to be on set with my friends and have so much fun. We did so many cool activities like dressing up, eating pizza, watching movies, and so much more. I loved filming the music video. What better way than to shoot a video with your BFFs!

YEM: What was the experience like working with Jaylien?

Lilo: Working with Jaylien was an amazing learning experience. When we first started working together, we went over topics for songs and just talked about things that matter in my life like moving to a new country, my friends, and family. Then we started to put all these experiences into songs . We reordered all the songs in his studio and it was a blast. Jaylien is so talented and so encouraging.

YEM: What inspired you to start songwriting?

Lilo: I started singing covers when I was seven years old and always wanted to have songs that I can call my own, and express myself through them. Over the past few years I have written down topics that I could become a song and always kept them with me. It is truly amazing to express yourself through your own songs. I’m so happy I finally got to make it a reality.

YEM: Who have you met so far that left you the most starstruck?

Lilo: Someone who left me starstruck was Adam Sandler. I LOVE Adam Sandler. He is such an amazing actor and is so talented. I have seen all of his movies and he is hilarious. When we met, we talked for a while and then after I got a picture with him. He was super friendly and was exactly how he is in his movies so it was so great meeting him.

Photo Credit: Rena Durham

YEM: What made you want to get into acting?

Lilo: I started performing on stage when I was four. It’s always been my passion to sing and act. I performed all over Asia on stage and in front of the cameras, I booked my first big lead role when I was ten years old. I was casted as Page in the 30 episode hit tv series “Ollie and Friends” Season 4. It was a series that also had singing and dancing in it so I loved it. The whole cast was amazing and we formed a strong bond. I later filmed The Singapore Grip, which ran on BBC and ITV and it was a dream come true.

YEM: What was your experience like being on “The Voice Kids”?

Lilo: Being on the Voice Kids Germany was the best experience I’ve ever had. When all 4 of the judges turned around at the same time it felt amazing. Being able to work so closely with my coaches and the whole team until the semi finals was a dream. I got to perform so many different songs, and made friends that are going to be my family forever.

YEM: What was it like to perform at Carnegie Hall?

Lilo: Performing at Carnegie Hall was a dream come true. I got to sing in this huge performance hall where so many superstars performed before and there was a big audience. I loved singing there because the entire room had great acoustics. It was just a pianist and my voice, I loved it. I was really honored and humbled to be able to sing there.

YEM: Where would you like to see your career go?

Lilo: I would like further work on my singing and acting career. On the singing side I see myself trying out different music styles and recording more songs. I’m in a phase where I like to experiment a lot to really find ‘my voice’. On the acting side I would like to continue to be part of TV and movie projects. I love being in front of the camera because that really energizes me. Maybe one day I can combine both my passions and film a musical.

YEM: What advice would you give to teens who want to break into the business but don’t know where to start?

Lilo: Never give up – really never –  no matter what. There are going to be a lot of rejections and no’s, so remember to always stay true to yourself and follow your passion. It will get better in time.

YEM: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Lilo: I love styling clothes, baking, drawing and all artsy things. These things come naturally to me and I can relax while doing it. The best is when I can do these activities with my friends or family

1YEM: How do you plan on celebrating the release of your EP?

Lilo: I had a huge EP release party which was so much fun. It was at the Globe Theater in Downtown LA. There was Getty Images and we had a Life 360 Photobooth which I loved! The DJ was amazing and we were dancing for hours. Lots of food and drinks, and best of all, I was able to perform all of my songs live in front of a large audience! The venue with all the special effects was just amazing. It was a dream come true. It was such a blast hanging out with all my friends and celebrating my release!

Listen to Lilo’s EP here!