YEM Interview: Sweet Taboo shares the best piece of singing advice they have ever received

Sweet Taboo is an LA based Latina girl group. The group consists of two singers in addition to a rapper. Jen Torrejon and Sami Ramos are the two singers and ICP Bre is the rapper. YEM was able to speak with Sweet Taboo about how they decided to become a group, and where the inspiration for their name came from. They also shared their favorite memory since they created the group. 

Young Entertainment Mag: How did the three of you decide that you were going to be in a music group together?

Sweet Taboo: The group was a creative idea that just naturally came together. We (Sami & Jen) met through the same vocal coach, Stevie Bensusen. When we came up with the idea for the group, we wanted to add something different and unique so we decided to add a rapper. That’s when we found ICP Bre on Instagram through some dope rap challenges she had posted! She came to the studio and we all vibed really well!

YEM: Where did the inspiration behind the name “Sweet Taboo” come from?

Sweet Taboo: We were brainstorming group names one day and one of us said what about “Sweet Taboo”. We thought it described us perfectly. The name has a double meaning, and it defines our Sweet – fun side as well as our Taboo – bad bitch side. The name Sweet Taboo represents who we truly are as a group.

YEM: What are your individual strengths, and how do you balance each other out?

Sweet Taboo: We all bring something unique to the table. As three young Latina women, we all have our own personalities and strengths, but we all mesh so well at the end of the day. Bre adds a little fire and spice with her confident raps while Sami adds a cool, spunky tone to her vocals, and Jen adds a little bit of soulful driven vocals. We love using our own strengths to come together and be creative.

YEM: When was a time that you struggled as a music group, and how did you overcome it?

Sweet Taboo: We really struggled as a group during the beginning of the pandemic. We all were going through our own personal struggles, and we really were questioning how could we make it as a group if we couldn’t be around each other at the beginning of quarantine. We almost lost hope, but we didn’t give up. We started creating our covers from home and doing writing sessions on Zoom. Our fans appreciated are covers that we post every Friday, and we received a crazy amount of love on them. Although we struggled, we kept going and that’s what counts!

YEM: What have been your favorite memories since the creation of Sweet Taboo?

Sweet Taboo: We have so many amazing memories so far! One of our favorite memories would have to be filming our music video for our first single “Lil Bit”. We had so much fun in dance rehearsals and prepping for the video. Plus, we had an amazing team to help put everything together. Another favorite memory we have is filming our “No Scrubs” cover for the Grammy’s Recording Academy. It was an exciting opportunity and we got to perform with a live band.

YEM: What sets Sweet Taboo apart from other music groups?

Sweet Taboo: What sets us apart is our origin. We are proud Latinx women representing our culture and it shows in our music. Having a rapper in our group adds street spice and it kicks everything up a few notches, it’s our secret recipe.

YEM: Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

Sweet Taboo: We have so many artists we love and look up to! We are inspired by TLC, Rihanna, Kehlani, Selena, Doja Cat, Cardi B, and of course Destiny’s Child. These artists inspire us because they are strong, independent, and successful women.

YEM: What was it like creating your own music videos?

Sweet Taboo: We had so much fun filming our music video “Lil Bit”! It was definitely an experience we will always remember. “V” from London Alley is an amazing Latina director who brought our vision to life. We worked really hard in dance rehearsals to perfect our moves. We wanted the video to represent our love for LA, from our lyrics to our outfits. It’s so cool to see all the love we’ve been getting, and we can’t wait to film the next one.

YEM: Who manages Sweet Taboo’s social media channels?

Sweet Taboo: We manage our social media channels ourselves. We really dedicate a lot of time to creating cool content for our fans, and we have fun doing it. We each have assigned days to be in charge of posting and interacting with fans. Some of our favorite social media moments have been when Kehlani, Russ, Bia, and DJ Khaled reposted our covers! We went crazy!

YEM: What has been your favorite song so far to sing or write?

Sweet Taboo: Our favorite song that we’ve written is “Lil Bit”! We wanted to write a song about not needing anyone to boss up and look killa. We created something that brings a lil bit of confidence, a lil bit of body positivity, and a lil bit of Latin spice. The song represents who we are as a group, and we are so proud of it.

YEM: If you can describe the process of writing a song in one word, what would it be?

Sweet Taboo: CATHARTIC!

YEM: What’s the best piece of singing or rapping advice you received?

Jen: Connect with your lyrics and sing like you’re telling a story. Shout out to our vocal coach Stevie Bensusen!

Sami: Don’t forget to breathe! Whether you’re nervous, preparing for a big note, or dancing around while singing, a good breath will keep you grounded.

Bre: Practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the more comfortable you’re going to be.

YEM: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since being a part of a music group?

Sweet Taboo: The biggest lesson we’ve learned is that no matter what there are going to be setbacks. We use that motivation to keep us hungry and chasing our dreams. We endure the struggles together and that makes us stronger as a group.

YEM: Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to break out in the music industry?

Sweet Taboo: Never give up on your dreams! If you have a vision and a passion, give it all you got and then some. Remember that the struggles along the way are steppingstones and chances to learn something new. Hone in on your craft and always be true to yourself.

YEM: Do you have any upcoming projects that you want fans to know about?

Sweet Taboo: Yes! We are currently working on our EP and have worked with some awesome producers. We have cut songs from Malay, Jason Evigans, Sebastian Cole, and Johnny Goldstein. We are also in rehearsals working on our live show so stay tuned for some shows coming up! We can’t wait to get on stage and perform our songs.

Listen to Sweet Taboo’s music here!