YEM Interview: Taegen Burns speaks about her new film The Gateway

Taegen Burns is an actress that will be in The Gateway. The Gateway is a thriller where a social worker assigned to the care of the daughter of a single mother intervenes when the dad returns from prison and lures them into a life of crime. Taegen will be portraying the role of Ashley in the movie. The film premiered in Theaters, in Demand and digital on September 3rd. YEM was able to interview Taegen to learn more about her, her film, and much more.

When asked “What is one thing you learned from a fellow castmate on The Gateway?” she responded “I learned alot from each of my castmates, in this instance I will use Shea Whigham. Learning from Shea, getting to watch him work overall was absolutely incredible. He always told me a few tips, “less is more”, “don’t get caught acting”. He would always tell me those little things to make sure I can keep it as real as possible, and I dont over do it, and it’s truly realistic. He would always go through the scenes with me, and run lines with me. Getting to work with him and learn from him was absolutely incredible”. Taegen was also asked “What is your favorite memory from being on set?”, and she said “If I had to choose just one, I would choose the first day on set, which was my twelfth birthday. The first day on set my cast mates and the people on crew all surprised me by singing happy birthday, this beautiful cake that was so beautiful and delicious, and they also surprised me with gifts. Everything was so perfect, it was such a great birthday, and it was such a great welcoming to the set and definitely gave me a great idea that I was going to be working with some pretty amazing people.”

Make sure to watch the full interview below to learn more about The Gateway and Taegen. Taegen made sure to speak about a lot of cool things and her amazing experience shooting this film. Also, don’t forget to watch Taegen in her film The Gateway!