YEM Interview: Yasmina El-Abd talks about Theodosia (Video Content)

Yasmina El-Abd is an actor in the show Theodosia. Theodosia is about Theo as she gathers an eclectic team that includes her younger brother Henry, along with friends Will and Egyptian Princess, Safiya, to fight a powerful secret society bent on destroying the world with ancient Egyptian dark magic. Yasmina El-Abd plays the character of Safiya in the show. YEM was able to interview Yasmina about the television series. She spoke about her character and how she found out about the project. She also spoke about what it was like on set. Theodosia was released on March 10th on HBO Max.

During the interview Yasmina was asked “What specifically drew you to the role of Princess Safiya?”. Yasmina responded by saying “The fact that she was not a stereotypical Egyptian character. I think that we see a lot of stereotypical characters right now in the shows that we watch and the movies that we watch, but she was not. She speaks many different languages, she’s well spoken, she’s well educated, which is what we see in a normal Egyptian girl, and that’s super important to portray properly. Also the fact that its proper representation. I am playing an Egyptian Princess as an Egyptian girl, and I think that is very, very important. So that is what mostly drew me to the role”. 

Make sure to watch the full interview with Yasmina below. The interview is great and filled with information. Yasmina gave such good insight into the show. She speaks about the show and gives so many cool bits of information. She is passionate about how her character was portrayed properly and how important representation is in the show. Yasmin also speaks about the experience as a whole. Do not miss anything she has to say about the show! Also, make sure to watch Yasmina in Theodosia on HBO Max.