YEM’s Top 5 Songs of 2021

If reading a book or watching a movie or show isn’t enough to keep the mind occupied, then popping in some headphones to listen to some music surely is. YEM shares its 5 picks for the best songs of 2021. 

1. Crisis by Joshua Bassett

In this single, Bassett is able to convey the feelings he has surrounding his personal struggles. While the song certainly has its heavy moments, we here at YEM were touched by Bassett’s words and the way he portrayed them through his music.

2. Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo

The energetic beats combined with honest lyrics help to produce a unique tune accustomed to Rodrigo, one that’s propelled into the current star she is today. “Good 4 U” captures everything fans love about her, which helps secure its place on the list.



3. You Ain’t Seen Nothin – HSMTMTS

This song deserves a spot alone for showing the East High being able to choreograph, edit, and put together a music video all through a ZOOM call. Beyond that, the song’s inspiring lyrics help it stick beyond that.

4. Skin by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter’s song delivers many poignant messages that captured the hearts of us here at YEM. We hope to see her continue to blossom in her career.



5. Million to One – Camila Cabello

Featured in the Amazon Prime version of Cinderella, this song perfectly captures the raw beauty many know and love about Camilla Cabello. The emotion put into this song secures a spot on the list.

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