Young Entertainment’s March Madness Best Ship Tournament

The Big Dance is here once again! This year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is one for the ages. Every March the best college basketball team in the nation is decided by a 64 team tournament and it is a big deal. An average of 10.7 million people watch it on TV every year! Schools like Duke, Gonzaga, and Wake Forest compete to see who is the best team in college basketball.

This year for March Madness, we have decided to rank the best ships on screen. Each week these iconic couples will go head to head against each other in a tournament to be crowned “Young Entertainment’s Best Ship!”

Charlie/Nick from Heartstopper vs JJ/Kiara from The Outer Banks

Right out of the gate we have a strong battle here. Charlie and Nick’s on screen chemistry is honestly jaw-dropping. Nick’s coming out arc was such a slay. That moment they first touch hands is giving Sufjan Stevens vibes all day. Their make-out seshes are top tier. The shyness of their first few interactions is 100% adorable.

JJ and Kiara are literally couple goals. The constant back and forth flirting, jokes, touches, and glances make Jiara the real OTP of OBX. When JJ broke down in the hot tub with Kiara it was so Lana Del Ray core. Their relationship was cemented at the end of season 1 when Kiara saved JJ from drowning by jumping in after him. If that’s not true love what is?

Both couples started as friends and became lovers but who will move on?

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Ricky/Gina from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series vs Sarah/ John B from The Outer Banks

Ricky and Gina are total outsiders. But, what’s important is that these two support each other passionately. When Ricky wanted to quit the musical in season 1 it was Gina who helped convince him to come back. When Gina brought EJ to Homecoming Ricky tells her she could do better. After she pours a drink over EJ and storms off, Ricky is the one to bring her out of her feelings. These two are ride or die for each other. They briefly split because Gina was going to move away but then again in Season 3 when they kiss on the empty stage!

Sarah and John B. Routledge’s relationship is a whirlwind romance that is as action packed as you can get. Their simmering romance is topped off with near death experiences left and right for these two. Near death experiences, prejudice, and buried treasure don’t stop these two from being a couple at all. When Sarah is in danger John does not hesitate to save her. They are as action packed as you can get it.

It’s a toss up between the outsiders and the action bombshells, let’s see who will make it into the elite 8!

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Leia/Jay from That 90s Show vs Wednesday/Xavier from Wednesday

Leia and Jay’s struggle with high school dating totally mirrors a Taylor Swift song in the making and viewers are here for it. It was edge of your seat viewing for the last few episodes of the season with this couple. Their banter is one of a kind. Physical affection is definitely this couples love language with Leia always putting her head on Jay’s shoulder. Nate getting in the mix was so unexpected but it leaves us gagged and wanting more.

Wednesday and Xavier are coming into this tournament not looking great. Recent scandalous allegations over Percy Hynes White’s behavior are definitely going to cause problems for this couple in getting a season 2 arc. With that aside, this was such a cute couple. Wednesday is trying to fit in and Xavier is the only one to really get her. Xavier is just such a cinnamon roll that his vibes balance out the iconic Jenna Ortega as Wednesday.

Both couples are just friends but which one will you vote for?

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Patrick/Ivan vs Nico/Ari from Elite

Ivan’s struggling sexuality and Patrick’s constant attention seeking make them one of the biggest hot mess couples in recent years. Are they a couple? Are they friends with benefits? Even if they don’t know, that’s ok! Being complicated is this couple’s biggest asset. Their poolside make out seshes are living rent free in Ivantrick stans heads for years. The final embrace between these two did not leave a dry eye in the house! Their ups and downs are what makes them stronger as a couple, truly inspiring.

When Nico returns from top surgery Ari is at first transphobic to him by making assumptions about him and not believing that he is a real man. But, when she gives him another chance and she finds a softer side she had never seen at school. It all ends up with Ari and Nico sleeping together in a moment of growth for both characters.

This is a tough choice for Elite fans but which of these pairs will take their place in the next round.

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Mouse/Ash from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin vs Bronwyn/Nate from One Of Us Is Lying

Mouse and Ash are such a cute couple. Ash’s chill vibes compliment Mouse’s edge perfectly. He acts as her emotional rock throughout the whole arc. He encourages her to get out of her own online world and join the school’s spectrum club for LGBTQIA+ youth. They originally met in computer class and things became romantic from there. Ash is a nurturing figure to Mouse helping her get out of her shell by dancing, bowling, and vaping. There is a real passion in their eyes when they are together, with their first kiss during the Halloween party being the ultimate example. Mash is one of the cutest couples in PLL:OS with little competition.

Bronwyn is the top of her class and Nate is the most notorious drug dealer in the school, talk about how opposites attract. Bronwyn got ahold of her science test answers for the whole year and helped get Nate out of jail when he got caught. Nate is a hard hearted tough guy who’s one

soft spot is Bronwyn. They aren’t trying to fix each other, they’re trying to conquer the world. Will they win?

Opposite ends of the spectrum clash! Who will move on to the next round?

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Ginny/Marcus from Ginny and Georgia vs Tara/Darcy from Heartstopper

Ginny and Marcus are the on and off couple of our dreams. Ginny has had her eyes on Marcus ever since she saw him sneak out of his house in the pilot. Their relationship was tested throughout season 1 with Ginny’s relationship with Hunter causing the OTP with Marcus to be put on hold. In season 2 they get back together until Marcus’ depression starts causing some problems and they break up. Their bond can get them through anything!

Want to talk about power couples? Tara and Darcy have you covered. These sapphic icons are Heartstoppers resident girl bosses. Darcy is as chaotic good as you can get which perfectly mixes with Tara’s lawful good alignment. Extrovert/Introvert is one of the most common tropes in a couple but Tara and Darcy’s arc is special. Their relationship seems like a natural fit for each other. Tara is taken out of her comfort zone with Darcy’s teasing and pranks and Darcy receives Tara’s stability. These two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

It’s a tough choice, between two parallel couples but who will win?

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Lissa/Christian from Vampire Academy vs Mal/Alina from Shadow and Bone

Lissa and Christian one of the major romance plots in Vampire Academy. Their relationship is a giant roller coaster of emotions. They originally met in the attic of the academy’s church and had an instant connection. They fell out when Lissa started to become much more bitter. When Lissa gets kidnapped Christian immediately springs into action to help her, ending up with Christian being hurt while saving her. After Lissa sees her biggest fear, losing him, almost come true they finally start dating. In the blood promise arc, they broke up but got back together again for the Last Sacrifice arc. They have a powerful story of love with a bright future.

Alyina and Maylin’s relationship was a departure from the books but is one of the best changes the show had put together. The show makes him a more devoted and caring partner for Alina. This spellbinding fantasy series is centered around their relationship. They are both such similar people which makes their bond a lot stronger because they both think like each other. They’ve known each other since childhood and have been best friends ever since. In such a harsh world their relationship is beautiful.

Which pair of these star crossed lovers will win?

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Quinni/Sasha from Heartbreak High vs Belly/Conrad from The Summer I Turned Pretty

Quinni’s relationship with her autism and how confident she is is iconic. Refreshingly, that isn’t her only character trait. She explores flirting, relationships, friendships, and much else. She is free spirited and outgoing, eventually ending up in a relationship with Sasha. Her relationship \

and how her autism plays into it is something not seen before. Quinni’s autism and Sasha’s ignorance causes roadblocks for their relationship eventually ending in their break up.

Belly and Conrad is a romance story that is as old as time itself. Belly feels invisible to her crush Conrad, who has no idea she exists. Only when she is comfortable with herself and blossoms into herself does Conrad take notice of her. When Conrad steps in and dances with Belly at the debutante ball our hearts all melted for the two. Their first kiss in the pool was electric. They are just so vulnerable together. Of Belly’s three love interests, her OTP is without a doubt Conrad. They are totally stan worthy.

It is a hard choice between the two. You decide!

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Elle/Tao from Heartstopper vs Wilhelm/Simon from Young Royals

Elle and Tao were made for each other. Tao is one of the most protective and caring individuals in the show and so is Elle. They mix so well together. TThey may only be friends but we can all see they love each other. Tao’s anxiety over thinking she doesn’t like him is the cutest thing in the world especially when they do start bonding over Ellie’s old art in the art room. When Tao keeps buying Elle’s drink it all but cements their eternal love for each other. That is going to be hard to compete against.

Wilmon stans rejoice! This whirlwind Swedish power couple has finally landed on the bracket. Leaked sextapes, hesitancy over the throne, and Wilhelm’s new feisty side are all going to make this a showstopper of a couple. Wilhelm in his villain arc is simply unstoppable and fans are living for it. After Simon’s confession of love falls flat in season 1 the two break up heading into Wilhelm’s gutsy Season 2 self. Simon singing about love while staring directly at Wilhelm sounds like something from a Jeff Buckley song.

Who will take the crown? The heartwarming high schoolers or the power hungry princes?

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Maeve/Janae vs Cooper/Kris from One Of Us Is Lying

Maeve and Janae’s relationship is iconic to say the least. Janae’s punk rock spirit compliments Maeve’s sass perfectly. Janae’s hesitancy to make a move on Maeve resulting in a near death experience from an overdose was painful to see. Janae confessing her love for Maeve at homecoming was shocking by itself but the kiss after was mind blowing storytelling. Their mysterious season 2 break up raised eyebrows. The drama between these 2 is never ending but always interesting.

The jock and the underwear model are a rather rare dynamic which helps keep the show fresh. It was a jaw dropping moment when it was revealed that Cooper’s big secret was not steroids but that he is in a gay relationship with a German underwear model. The two’s passionate love comes out in their first secretive meetings but grows into a blossoming relationship with their first date at a cute coffee shop. The body language they have around each other is giving bold and happy. The smiles the two have for each other are beautiful and genuine. The way they hold each other is so romantic.

Both couples are apprehensive but for different reasons. Who will come out on top?

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Agatha/Tedros from School For Good and Evil vs Ellie/Riley from The Last Of Us

Agatha and Tedros are an enemies to lovers arc gone right. Agatha’s anger at Tedros is unmatched, such as when she gives Tedros a black eye for trying to save her from stymph-gregor. Over time, Tedros’ slowly realizes that Agatha is not really an evil witch but in the wrong school. On top of that, is Tedros’ relationship with Sophie. All seems lost until Agatha gives Tedros a farewell kiss and a promise to see each other “one day”.

Ellie and Riley’s relationship is a bright spot in a dark world. Ellie’s fiery temper is perfectly balanced with her love of Riley. Their water fight and first kiss in the halloween store are some scenes in the series. Period. The moment when Ellie gets infected is a jaw dropping moment in a series full of them. Their outing and its aftermath are heartbreaking and help us realize just how damaged Ellie is and how she got this way.

Both pairs have gone through love and loss but who will come out on top?

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Seb/Carlos vs Kourtney/Jet from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Seb and Carlos bring a childhood romantic charm that is sorely lacking elsewhere. They are such a cute theater kid couple. When Carlos asks Seb to be his date at homecoming the tears started flowing and they didn’t stop. When Carlos fights for Seb to play Sharpay that is love right there. The stability of their relationship is what sets them apart. When Carlos sang to Seb that brought the house down like no other moment in the show could.

Kourtney and Jet on the other hand offer a more tawdry affair than Seb and Carlos. The bad boy Jet is one of a kind and his passionate love for Kourtney helps make him more relatable. When Jet finally admits his love for “the girl playing Elsa” we all saw it coming. Jet’s energy is unmatched in the show and Kourtney’s constant teasing with Jet creates a genuinely dramatic dynamic that leaves the viewer wanting more between the two.

Which of these couples will win out? The cutest or the rudest?

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Nate/ Nikkie from That 90’s Show vs Norah/Jordan from Ginny and Georgia

That 90’s Show’s main couple is Nate and Nikki. They’ve been dating for 6 months by the time of the first episode and it is plain to see. These two can not keep each other’s hands off of each other. Despite Nate’s anxiety over Nikki leaving for college and potentially leaving him they get through this obstacle. Their constant making out is charmingly obnoxious. Their relationship has been tested but their passion doesn’t seem to have died out yet.

Norah and Jordan only share one brain cell. Norah’s ditsy personality mixes well with Jordan’s stoner golden retriever vibes. We have yet to see much of their relationship dynamic but they seem to be happy. Such as when Jordan slipped a ring in Norah’s milkshake was a beautiful

moment but ended so…so poorly. Norah is a super caring person for her friends so we know she is there for Jordan. We have yet to see much of him but his story will be

It’s a rough choice: The central relationship or the golden retriever?

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Darren/Ca$h from Heartbreak High vs Pope/Cleo from Outer Banks

A will they/won’t they relationship dynamic between 2 rebels? Yes please! Darren and Cash were both originally seen on the incest map but without a connection drawn between the two. Over time they get closer with really beautiful moments such as when Darren asks their father for advice for their love life and the two’s ultimate reconciliation. They’re a beautiful couple.

It has been clear from Pope and Cleo’s first interaction that the two share a special connection that looks promising in the tournament. The natural ease that the two have around each other is readily apparent. They make each other laugh and smile amid such a dangerous situation. Cleo finds love and compassion with Pope that she never had before. There is a genuine love beneath these two’s exteriors that can’t help but show itself around each other.

Which of these couples’ bonds’ is strong enough to last into the later rounds of the tournament? Let’s see!

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August/Sara from Young Royals and Enid/Ajax from Wednesday

Young Royals’ bad boy villain, August, is one you love to hate. But there is an emotional vulnerability to him that brings a human side to the character. That vulnerability is best seen when he is with his situationship Sara. His confession to Sara about the revenge-porn of Wilhelm is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the whole show. She helps to humanize such an awful person and give him a redemption arc that fits well in the show.

Ajax and Enid are one of the cutest couples ever simply because they are just so kind. They’re flat out adorable. Their common insecurities help create a chemistry to their relationship in such a heartwarming way that their cuteness infects the rest of the show. Their shyness in the antique shop is forever going to be an adorable couples scene. They completely depend on each other and we love them for that.

Both couples are special but only one can win.

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Rose/Dimitri from Vampire Academy vs Andrea/Daniele from Prisma

The other major romance in The Vampire Academy is between Rosemarie Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov. Initially starting as Belikov fighting for Rose to stay and mentoring her to catch up to her classmates. Sparks started to fly immediately. The tension between the two was everything. The roadblocks keeping them from being together stopped them at first but then they grew to love each other without caring what the world thinks.

Andrea and Daniele have all of the drama. Andrea secretly pretending to be a girl and catfishing Daniele creates so much tension. Secretive make outs, piercing glances, and questioning

sexualties. Even when they fight they can’t keep their hands off each other. Their final moments of recognition gave us so much anxiety.

Which of these couples will move on? The vampiric mentor/student to lovers arc or the heart heavy gay romance?

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