Zoe Nazarian talks about authenticity, humor, and content creation

When Zoe Nazarian was 13-years-old, she decided to start a YouTube channel. Today, Zoe is a social media influencer with over 15,000 YouTube subscribers and 20,000 plus followers on TikTok and Instagram.

“I was tired of the constant rejection that I was getting from acting,” Zoe said. “I figured I could create that content on my own, so I did.”

While Zoe draws inspiration to post from ideas in her head or things that she finds funny, she credits her inspiration to becoming a content creator to her mom.

“My mom is definitely my biggest inspiration. She’s such a hard worker and has taught me that you can do anything if you set your mind to it,” Zoe said.

Whether it be on TikTok or Instagram, Zoe loves to post comedy content that her followers can relate to. She does her best to keep her content light-hearted and positive, but being a content creator is something that she takes very seriously.

“It’s kind of a big responsibility to have followers, whether you have five followers or a hundred thousand followers or a million followers, because those are people that are following you,” Zoe said. “They’re impressionable so you have to keep it positive. The most important part of being a content creator is putting your best foot forward.”

Zoe also shared some heartfelt advice for content creators or those thinking of entering the realm of content creation.

“The main advice that I could give is to be yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be someone else online and be cooler than you are or whatever. Just be yourself. You are way cooler than you think you are, I promise,” she said.

Zoe’s content creation isn’t just limited to TikTok or YouTube. She was also the youngest participant to be selected in YouTube Space and WhoHaHa Women in Comedy Project. In 2018, she released her YouTube video short “How To Find Your Confidence” and had the opportunity to both direct and act in her project. You can check out her video short “How To Find Your Confidence” here.

Zoe hopes to be an encouraging influence on her followers and leave them with a positive message every time they log on and view her videos.

“Honestly, I just like to keep my content authentic,” Zoe said, “and I think the biggest thing that I want my followers to take away from the content that I post is how important self-love and confidence are and they should take it with them through their whole life.”

You can follow Zoe on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for your daily dose of giggles and inspiration.