The Top 5 Ultimate Moments on ‘PLL’

After seven epic seasons, “Pretty Little Liars” is coming to an end. Only nine episodes left before we say farewell to our favorite friend squad. There’s been lots of love, tears, fears, and surprises over the last seven season, and so many memorable moments. We’re counting down our Top 5 moments in PLL history before it’s time to say goodbye.

5. Aria and Ezra Kiss in the Pouring Rain- Season 2 Episode 17
Let’s start out with a romantic moment. The scene begins with Aria waiting, hoping that her boyfriend Ezra will show up. After wondering where he is, or if he’ll even show up, Aria meets eyes with the nam she loves and cracks a sweet smile. The two share the most romantic moment that would make anyone jealous: minimal dialogue, a tender song, a picturesque setting, and a passionate kiss.

4. Hanna sees Caleb on a Stretcher- Season 3 Episode 12
One of the saddest moments in the show’s history. Hanna sees her boyfriend, Caleb, on a stretcher being lifted into an ambulance after a gun shot wound. The liars gather around Hanna as she watches her love being taken away, not knowing if he will survive. All. The. Feels.

3. Mona In The Truck- Season 5 Episode 12
With every step forward, take two steps back. Mona finally has proof that Alison is ‘A’, and calls Aria to tell her. “Game over,” Mona says, “I win.” But of course, it’s not that easy. When the Liars arrive at her house, they discover that Mona has been murdered. Things just got even more complicated.

2. Alison Returns to School- Season 5 Episode 5
It took a long time to get here, but after five seasons, the gang is finally back together for the whole world to see. The scene begins with the Liars waiting outside school for Alison to arrive. Some think she won’t show up, some think she will, until Alison finally makes her grand entrance back to the halls of Rosewood High School, with her best girl friends right behind her.

1. The First ‘A’ Group Text- Season 1 Episode 1 (SCRIPT BELOW)
Here it is-the moment that started it all. Our four favorite Liars all receive a group text from a mysterious source known only as ‘A.’ Seven seasons later, we’ve seen so many interactions with ‘A’, so many cliffhanging texts, and a few different identities of the mysterious ‘A.’ But this iconic, historic moment is where it all began for the Liars, who could’ve never imagined what was in store for them.

They all look down at their screens.


Oh my God -


It’s from -


I got one too -

Spencer reads the text -


“I’m still here, bitches.”


“And I know everything. - A”