13 Best Educational Documentaries on Netflix | Learn, Grow, and Inspire

There’s nothing like a good documentary to expand your mind and give you a new perspective on the world and with Netflix’s vast selection, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing something to watch. So, if you’re looking for something educational, inspiring, and informative look no further! We’ve put together a list of our top picks for the best educational documentaries on Netflix.

13 Best Educational Documentaries on Netflix. 

 The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet will take your breath away as you explore the world’s different oceans and the creatures that depend on them for survival. From the coastal seas to the deep sea, and from warm climates near the equator to chilly Arctic waters, this documentary narrated by David Attenborough will show you how each marine habitat is vital to its underwater residents. Ocean conservation is becoming a big focus for the younger generation and this documentary is both informative and inspiring and is one of our top choices for best educational documentaries on Netflix

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The Ivory Game

Shot in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam the Ivory Game is a harrowing look at the illegal ivory trade and the devastating effects it has on African elephants. The documentary follows undercover investigators as they work to expose the criminal networks behind the trade and also highlights the efforts of those working to protect elephants and end the demand for ivory. The Ivory Game will leave you feeling angry, saddened, and motivated to do something to help save these magnificent creatures.

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 Forks Over Knives

This documentary explores how nutrition is connected to disease and shows that minor adjustments to our diets can improve our health. This documentary follows the experiences of ordinary Americans who have chronic illnesses, explaining how adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet may help them regain control of their lives while reducing medication use. The idea of food as medicine is put to the test in this critically acclaimed documentary. This is a well-made documentary that offers plenty of food for thought.

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A powerful documentary that is sure to inspire and motivate those who care about the environment. Cowspiracy looks at the impact of animal farming on the environment and how it is one of the key causes of climate change. This ground-breaking feature-length environmental film follows intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to address this planet’s most damaging industry.

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Virunga crackles with excitement and will leave you at the edge of your seat! Set in the Congo against a backdrop of political unrest, this documentary follows those who fight to protect Africa’s mountain gorillas. You won’t believe how far they’re willing to go for their cause. This is a thrilling and true account of a group of daring individuals risking their lives to create change in a neglected corner of Africa. This is a powerful documentary that is a must-see.

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The Netflix documentary Seaspiracy uncovers the secrets of the fishing industry. This documentary follows intrepid filmmaker Ali Tabrizi as he investigates the devastating impact that commercial fishing has on our oceans and the creatures who depend on them for survival. From overfishing to bycatch, Seaspiracy exposes the dark side of an industry that is destroying our oceans. This is a must-see for anyone who cares about the environment.

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Abstract: The Art of Design

Design is all around us, but what does it take to be a design icon? In this eight-episode documentary series, eight of the world’s most prominent designers are profiled. Get an inside look at how some of the world’s most creative persons go about their jobs as you accompany them behind the scenes. Watch how these artists use their ideas to create iconic goods, structures, and events while gaining a better understanding of design theory. The Art of Design is a fantastic educational program that gets our endorsement as one of the best educational documentaries on Netflix.

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Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know

What can black holes teach us about the boundaries of knowledge? This Documentary follows the quest to understand the most mysterious objects in the universe. It explores how they are formed, what roles they play in the world, and how they influence it. It also covers current research on black holes and their potential for future discoveries. Anyone interested in astronomy or physics should watch this movie; it will undoubtedly expand your knowledge of these fascinating concepts.

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The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a documentary that explores the dangers of social media and the negative impact it can have on our lives. The film looks at how social media platforms are designed to keep us engaged, and how this can lead to addiction, mental health issues, and even political manipulation. The Social Dilemma is both enlightening and thought-provoking. It ranks high on our list of best documentaries to watch on Netflix and is well worth the watch.

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The Game-Changers

The Game-Changers is a fantastic documentary for anyone interested in health and fitness, or simply looking to learn more about going vegan. The Game-Changers film investigates the benefits of going plant-based. The movie looks at how people who have switched to a plant-based diet have improved their performance and how a whole-food, plant-based diet may help individuals avoid chronic illness. What sets The Game Changers apart from other documentaries is its presentation; it’s educational but also encourages viewers to think critically.

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Our Planet

Netflix’s Our Planet series is an eight-part documentary that delves into the Earth and the risks it faces. The impact of climate change, deforestation, and ocean pollution are all examined in the series. Our Planet is a sobering reminder of how our actions may harm the environment and offers hope that there is still time to make a difference. David Attenborough narrates the series, which features breathtaking cinematography that will leave you breathless.

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This documentary is about how the adolescent brain develops, and how this affects actions. The documentary considers how technology influences the adolescent brain and what future discoveries may be possible. Brainchild will fascinate you with the latest psychological and neurological research if you are interested in understanding the teenage brain.

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Inside Bill Gates Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Bill Gates is well-known to us all. We all know who Bill Gates is, but there’s not much more we know about him. That’s where Inside Bill’s Brain comes in, describing how Gates’ life journey has been from childhood to global domination, while also seeking to understand his unique problem-solving mentality. However, it’s the discussion of Bill and Melinda Gates’ organization and its major initiatives that sheds the most light. The film is a must-see for everybody wanting to learn more about the world’s richest man.

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Final thoughts

If you’re looking for some great educational content, then be sure to check out the best educational documentaries on Netflix. These films will expand your knowledge and leave you thinking about some of the most important issues facing our world today. With so many informative and eye-opening films available, there’s no excuse not to learn something new today. So go ahead and start streaming. You won’t be disappointed!