13 Reasons Why: 3 Questions After the Series Finale

Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why aired for four seasons, releasing 49 episodes during its tenure. Season 4 depicted the main characters of the series graduating from high school and moving on in their life. This signaled the end of the show as the characters headed their separate ways for college and other endeavors.

Nevertheless, after Season 4 ended, there may be some lingering questions left. Here are some that have come to mind:

Clay and Heidi: How would a relationship have worked out?

Before the friends/main characters as a group went to bury the tapes at the end of the final episode, Clay came across a girl named Heidi who would also be attending Brown University. The pair exchanged contact info (Clay gives out his email of all things) and date(s) may have occurred in the future.

It wasn’t hard to tell that the two had initial chemistry and a couple of common interests. It would have been interesting to learn more about Clay and Heidi’s relationship after that moment and in college. Could Clay and Heidi have become college sweethearts?

How will college life/post-high school be for the main characters?

This remains one of the bigger lingering questions after the series ending. As the characters head out on different roads, how will they achieve success and overcome any obstacles? New friends would more than likely have been in the mix for Clay, Tony, Zach, and company. College/post-high school life would be a whole different adjustment for them as well. How will they like college life? Will what they initially pursue as their college major have changed?

Will the friends stay in touch post-high school?

Burying the tapes as a group was one of the most important scenes in the series. It showed the friends moving on from high school together. However, will characters like Tony, Clay, Alex, Jessica, and Zach have stayed in touch post-high school?

For example, Tony would be in Nevada and Clay would be at Brown, so even though the bonds between the main characters were strong throughout the series when they were in high school, would that bond have stayed as strong with distance keeping them apart? When they came home, would Tony and Clay have consistently met up with old friends from high school? The answers to all these questions regarding the end of 13 Reasons Why will always remain to be seen.