Katy Keene has been cancelled!

Fans of the Archieverse aren’t going to like this, but Katy Keene has been cancelled. The CW show had recently finished airing its first season. Now, it’s first season that consisted of 13 episodes, will remain its only season. The show is currently being shipped to other networks in the hopes that another network will save the show.

Katy Keene was a spin-off of the hit series Riverdale, also airing on The CW. It was announced yesterday that the show would not return for a second season. However, Riverdale was previously picked up for another season. And, production of the show’s fifth season is set to begin once cast and crew can safely return to set.

Katy Keene starred Lucy Hale as the title character, who is a former friend of Veronica Lodge. Katy is living her life in New York City, trying to make it as a fashion designer. She lives with her friend Jorge who dreams of being on Broadway by day. But he plays the role of drag queen Ginger at night. And their friend Pepper is an NYC socialite… or so it would seem.

The series began with Riverdale alum Josie McCoy moving to NYC to live with Katy. Josie, played by Ashleigh Murray, was looking to jumpstart her music career. Now that the show is over, it is unknown whether Murray will return to Riverdale. Her character left Riverdale earlier this season. Even her stepbrother, Kevin, showed up on Katy Keene. But with the show cancelled, could Josie return to her hometown?

Katy Keene is currently the only CW show from the 2019-2020 season that has not been picked up. Other freshman series, Batwoman and Nancy Drew, were picked up earlier this year. Katy Keene was written and executive produced by Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi. Greg Berlanti also served as an executive producer.

Are you sad to say goodbye to Katy Keene?