13 Reasons Why: Lessons from Season 4

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why was filled with many lessons about life and high school during its four-season tenure. Season 4 was the final one, and it featured the main characters deal with a lot of drama, secrets, and adversity as they prepared to finish high school.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the important lessons that could be taken away from Season 4:

Adulthood is Challenging

Nobody knows what the future holds. For characters like Tony especially, who was considering the idea of going to Nevada on a scholarship, huge decisions like this can have a lasting impact. However, adulthood is all about learning. It’s okay to be nervous and scared about the future. If you believe in yourself and others believe in you, going forward and taking chances to make a name for yourself is worth it. This last season showed more about adulthood as the characters were preparing for their futures after high school.

13 Reasons Why

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Love is Important

As a human, it’s important to love others, and it doesn’t only have to be the romantic kind. It can be a love for friends, family, etc. Because the world can be a hectic place, showing more love can go a long way. The main characters/friends showed love for each other throughout Season 4 despite the very tough situations they endured in high school.

The Strength of Friendship

Your friends got your back no matter the situation. This season showed the strength of friendship as characters dealt with various challenges. Nothing depicted the value of friendship in a more powerful way than when the main characters buried the tapes together after their high school graduation. That moment will always be a point of connection for all those characters who took part. This includes Clay, Tony, Zach, Jessica, Alex, and more. They will all head out on different paths now.

Whatever is happening, keep moving forward in trying to pursue your dreams in life. You don’t know what adventures are awaiting in life because it is amazing. It always helps to have your close friends in the passenger seat for the ride. An example of this is close buddies Clay and Tony, who headed off on a journey together to conclude the show 13 Reasons Why.