Neon Trees’ front man, Tyler Glenn dishes on his theme song for ‘Love, Victor’!

Love, Victor has just premiered its first season on Hulu and it is already a major hit! The show is based on the film Love, Simon, by Greg Berlanti, based on the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. Love, Victor follows Victor, as he navigates his sexuality through his sophomore year of high school. The show is one of the best LGBT+ youth shows to date and fans are excited to find out if there will be a season 2. The shows theme song, Somebody to Tell Me sets the tone for the entire series. It is performed by Tyler Glenn, who is lead vocalist of Neon Trees. YEM had the amazing opportunity to chat with Tyler about the hit song and his new music coming later next month from Neon Trees.

Young Entertainment Mag: Was music always part of your journey?

Tyler Glenn: I can’t remember a time it wasn’t my whole world, down to my earliest childhood memories. I was always drawn to it, and could listen to music for hours and hours. When I discovered I could sing and then later could teach myself how to play instruments and make songs, I was hooked.

YEM: Were you familiar with the book (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda) and film (Love, Simon) beforehand?

Tyler: I had seen Love, Simon in the theaters with my mom actually. It was special for her, and I felt excited to watch a mainstream teen movie dealing with such themes. I immediately was glad it existed!

YEM: When did you first hear about the spin-off Love, Victor?

Tyler: I think when the public heard about it. I knew originally it was coming out through Disney+, and I don’t think it was called Victor yet. When I got involved it was still being called Love, Simon.

YEM: Was this a song you already had up your sleeve or was this specifically made for the show?

Tyler: This song was written specifically for the theme actually! My friend Leland, who writes and collaborates with artists like Troye Sivan and Selena Gomez, was in charge of music directing the series and messaged me to come sing the theme. I went over to his studio and cut the vocal in January of this year, and the rest is history!

YEM: What do you relate to the most about this song (I know for me growing up was a lot different than growing up now and I wish I had Love, Victor back then and this song to me speaks volumes to how I was feeling, not too many songs could do that)?

Tyler: I think what I love is the message.. just needing someone to see you, to affirm you, to be there for you in otherwise confusing times. I love that it speaks to the shows theme of identity, but I also like that it’s in general a hopeful song. I’ve gotten many many messages from people just happy it exists with or without the show, which I think is a comment on its reach.

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YEM: And how does it best relate to the show?

Tyler: I think obviously Victor is wrestling with his own identity. But in even different ways than Simon was in the film. But there’s also layers to all the characters, and I think this song speaks to all their struggles as well. Everyone wants to be told “it’ll be alright, it’ll be just fine”.

YEM: What are you hoping people take away from the song on its own?

Tyler: I think the hopefulness in it. I also think it has an energy that hopefully boosts people’s spirits. I love the imagery of “talking secrets into the mirror”. I’ve definitely found myself doing that at times when I feel no one else is around. I hope people feel inspired to keep going.

YEM: Why did you want to be involved in this project and why is it important for you to recognize the LGBT+ community?

Tyler: I am a proud openly gay man, but I haven’t always been proud or open. I came out what I deem a bit later than typical. I was 30 years old and only even in the last few years feel completely comfortable in my skin. It’s a journey, and I think how if I had a show like this, or a book to read like the Simon series… if I had just had that representation of someone going through that identity struggle, perhaps I’d have been more inclined to live my truth sooner. I also don’t believe in regret, and that everyone’s time is theres.. I’m glad to be a part of a series that’s speaking to now, to a generation that needs hopeful messages and representation. That means a massive amount to me.

YEM: What can you tell others struggling with their identity?

Tyler: Be easy on yourself, listen to your gut and intuition, come out in your time on your terms. This is your life and you deserve to live it fully and without shame, but I also know everyone’s situation is different. When you do find the time and the courage, I can promise there’s a world of people and places to seek community and to love you.

Photo credit Jen Rosenstein

YEM: I know Neon Trees has a new album coming up. Will this be one of the songs on it? And What can fans expect from the album?

Tyler: This is a Love, Victor exclusive song, and I’m happy about that! The new NT record is called I Can Feel You Forgetting Me. And it’s a lot about what comes after the journey of finding yourself, and experiencing love and breakups in the modern age. I confront a lot of my own co dependency on the album. But it’s still highly energetic and I’m very excited to get it out to our fans and the world. It’s release July 24th

This song was written specifically for the theme!

YEM: If you were any of the Love, Victor characters who do you think you’d be and why?

Tyler: Mmmmm maybe Bram, Simon’s boyfriend… It’s a smaller part in the series, but I like to think I’m in place of confidence and would be the type to take a younger person struggling under my wing to let them know it’s all going to be alright.