13 Reasons Why Season 4 Reflection

After first airing in 2017, Netflix Original series 13 Reasons Why had become a very popular show. This did not come without controversy, as the show has had depictions of very serious topics. The ultimate season of the show released on June 5th and was packed with intensity.

At this point, many of the characters were in their senior year and preparing to move on to college. However, that didn’t stop Winston (Monty’s former love interest) from transferring to Liberty High. He started acting as a sleuth to find out who killed Bryce after Monty was labeled to have done it.

Many of the main characters, including Clay, Tony, Zach, and others had to harbor the secret about Alex killing Bryce. Clay underwent many internal struggles throughout the season, as he had bad dreams about Monty and Bryce. Like Clay, characters such as Jessica and Alex also experienced such dreams about Bryce and Monty.

In the end, the season showed the value of friendship. Though the intensity of the Bryce and Monty situations were quite high, many of the main characters had each other’s back. That was one of the more memorable takeaways from the season. The friends helped each other get through difficulties.

This also held true after one of the main characters, Justin, passed away in the final episode of the season. The bond between the friends strengthened as they will always remember Justin’s personality and character.

At the end of the 13 Reasons Why, there was a scene that was essentially a culmination of the show. It also showed a strong representation of the friendships that formed between the main characters. In this part, characters such as Clay, Tony, Zach, Alex, Jessica, and more buried the tapes (from Season 1) for good. As a result, this represented closing the door on the series and the characters moving on from that part of their lives.

As they bury the tapes together, the friends realize high school is over. It’s time to look ahead to the future with hope and the goal of living out dreams as they all head down their separate paths.

Despite the secrets, conflicts, and adversity many of the characters dealt with throughout their high school career, perseverance came out on top. They made it, and now each can drive off into the distance with motivation and a reason to believe and invest in their future. And that’s exactly what happened as Clay and Tony drove off in Tony’s Mustang. High school was in the rearview mirror and other adventures awaited ahead.