Big changes are coming to Riverdale!

The upcoming season of Riverdale is going to look a bit different. The writers of Riverdale have dropped some hints about the show’s fifth season.

The show’s fourth season just concluded last month. Due to the Coronavirus, production of the fourth season ended early. And it is still unknown when the show will resume filming. But, Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that show will pick up right where it left off.

“We had gotten through shooting more than half of episode 20, which is our big prom episode, [before production shut down],” Aguirre-Sacasa told Entertainment Tonight. “So when it became clear that we weren’t gonna be able to finish the season, the first thing I kind of did was look at episode 20 to see if we could cobble together an episode from that.” Roberto shared that he plans to hold the Riverdale senior prom as the premiere episode of season five.

Beyond the season five premiere, it has also been announced that Riverdale will see a time jump. The amount of time is not confirmed. But it is rumored that the show will jump five years into the future. This will bring the main characters back to Riverdale after they have each attended different colleges.

Aguirre-Sacasa told TVLine, “it felt like maybe what we’ll do is start with the last three episodes” intended for Season 4, including the gang’s senior prom and high school graduation. “So what we’re doing is picking up right where we left off for the first three episodes, and then doing a time jump… after those three episodes.”

Only time will tell what the time jump will mean for the characters of Riverdale. But one surprise was just announced this week – Hermione Lodge isn’t going anywhere! It was previously announced that Marisol Nichols would be leaving after the show’s fourth season. But, the actress confirmed to Access Hollywood that she would be in fact returning to the show!

“I had a very long talk with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, our creator and showrunner of Riverdale. And I’m really proud to announce that Hermoine will not only be back for season five, but she will be back stronger and better than ever,” Marisol said. “I’m really excited telling her story and that side of her.”