13: The Musical | YEM Exclusive Interview with Eli Golden

The hit musical 13 that took Broadway by storm, now has a film adaptation that is officially on Netflix! YEM got the chance to sit down with Eli Golden, who plays the lead role of Evan, and talk with him about what it was like working on the film! If you’re a fan of musicals, you’ll definitely want to check out this interview and hear what Eli has to say.

Eli told us a little bit about the audition process and what it was like to work through his nerves. Obviously, since the musical was so big on Broadway, we could definitely imagine that Eli had big shoes to fill, so it was interesting to hear how Eli felt those first few days of filming. It was so great to hear about the moving parts that went into the musical numbers and what it was like to combine singing and dancing while on set for the film.

13: The Musical also had quite a few big names who were involved in the show during its run on Broadway, and Eli told us all about what it was like to work and talk to them. Eli worked with the original composer of the musical, Jason Robert Brown, and got to get some pointers from old cast members, namely Liz Gillies and Graham Phillips. Speaking of big names, there’s a fair share of iconic actors in the film adaptation as well. Eli shares what it was like to be on set with these stars, like Debra Messing, Rhea Perlman, and Josh Peck, so be sure to listen to hear about that! 

The soundtrack is available on Ghostlight Records and Atlantic Records

It was so great to hear about Eli’s experience on set and the fun that he had working on the film. He gave us a peek at the behind-the-scenes fun that took place, so you’ll definitely want to tune in and hear about it! Eli also has some exciting things coming up in the future – spoiler alert: something music related! – so be on the lookout for all the great things that are next for him. Be sure to click the link below to tune into our interview with Eli and find out more about his experience acting as Evan. Don’t forget to leave any questions and comments down below and catch 13: The Musical streaming only on Netflix. If you enjoyed getting to know more about Eli and 13: The Musical, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch YEM’s other exclusive content and interviews!