Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from August 14-20

A lot’s been happening in young entertainment this past week. From a romcom about parallel realities, to a treasure-hunting TV series, and even an exclusive interview with a movie star, here’s a look at just ten of the most interesting things that just came out in film, books, music and television.

1. Look Both Ways (Netflix Movie) (August 17)

Natalie (Lili Reinhart) sees her life split into various parallel realities after graduating college. In one, she stays in her hometown and has a child. In the other, she moves out to LA to follow her dreams. Now, she must make a fateful decision. In anticipation of the new film, check out our article on Reinhart’s book, Swimming Lessons.

2. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Series Premiere) (Disney Plus)

In this superhero courtroom comedy, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) tries balancing life as a single mother with her superpowered alter-ego as She-Hulk.

3. Beguiled by Cyla Panin (August 23)

Young weaver Ella supports herself with her loom, following the unfortunate death of her father in debtor’s prison. Stuck in debt herself, Ella desperately turns to an old washerwoman named the Bean-Nighe for help. Now, she must feed her loom a drop of blood to make each amazing craft, fighting to save her future before it totally slips away. Also, feel free to check out our recent New Book Tuesday article while you’re looking for stuff to read.

4. Viva Las Vengeance by Panic! At the Disco (August 19)

This new album from the popular band takes you on a meditative journey about appreciating how the past informs our present selves. This includes songs ranging from ‘Viva Las Vengeance’ to ‘Middle of a Breakup’. Plus, in honor of Music Festival Season, check out our recent New Music Friday article.

5. Surfside Girls (Series Premiere) (Apple TV) (August 19)

Jade and Sam are super psyched to catch some rays and ride some waves for the summer. When they suddenly meet a ghost, it starts a mystery surrounding a cursed treasure and a pirate ship.

6. YEM Exclusive Interview with Evan Assante/Cha Cha Real Smooth

In this exclusive interview, which you can read via the link below, we sat down with Evan Assante of Cha Cha Real Smooth to discuss his role as David, and what it was like working with a well-known cast, and also producer/director/actor Cooper Raiff.

7. Dale Pa’ Ya by Big Time Rush ft. Maffio (Single) (August 19)

Love Big Time Rush? This great new single mixes English-language lyrics and a Spanish-language chorus in a uniquely styled song about undeniable chemistry and romance. And while you’re at it, read this recent YEM interview we conducted with Kate Stewart.

8. The Feeling of Falling in Love by Mason Deaver (August 16)

After his friend-with-benefits Josh confesses his love to him while they’re about to leave for a wedding, Neil Kearney does not reciprocate the affections. He decides to bring his roommate Wyatt with him instead, who rightly thinks Neil’s being a jerk. However, as they spend more time together, Wyatt sees where Neil’s coming from, creating the possibility for a mutual spark.

9. HOLY FVCK by Demi Lovato (August 19)

In this new album from the hit pop star/actor, she uses religion as a framing for how we are always managing our negative and positive sides, while simultaneously embracing both.

10. Dragons: The Nine Realms, Season 3 (Hulu) (August 18)

In this adventurous new season, join Tom and his pet dragon Alex, as they protect the other dragons from evil forces, deal with new members of their dragon-riding group, and more.