3 New Actors In Emily In Paris S2

Season 2 of Emily In Paris is on the way and three new actors will be introduced. One of these actors is French!

So, just refresh your memory. Emily In Paris is a show about Emily (played by Lily Collins), a Marketing Executive sent to Paris to work with the French boutique Emily’s firm is working with. While she’s in Paris, she gets into arguments with her colleagues, and becomes attracted to her Handsome neighbor, Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo). There’s a catch. Gabriel has a girlfriend. So, she’s in a love triangle. 

The three new cast members to join the existing cast members are, William Abadie (playing Antoine), Lucien Laviscount, and Arnaud Binard (he’s the french actor and playing a guest role). 

William Abadie is playing the same role he had in season one, Emily’s client, Antione Lambert. In season 1, he was a guest on the show but now has been promoted to a regular member of the cast. So, he isn’t a completely new face but he’ll definitely be seen a lot more in season 2.

Lucien Laviscout is playing Emily’s love interest. He’s playing a character named Alfie. Alfie is sarcastic and charming, refusing to speak French, and getting involved in the French culture. So, Emily is already in a love triangle. However, with this love interest it’s more of a rectangle. Boy, Emily’s going to have her hands full!

Arnaud Binard is playing Laurent G. A charming and outgoing owner of a popular Saint Tropez nightclub. Basically, a man who never outgrew the partying stages of his youth. Laurent agrees to promote Emily’s brands. However, it’s revealed that his connections to Savoir runs deeper than just marketing. 

Emily is in for a world of trouble. She can pick the guy who’s already in a relationship or this new guy Alfie who wants nothing to do with France. Who will she choose?