Timothée Chalamet Is Becoming The New Face Of Willy Wonka

The prequel everyone always wanted! Starring the incredibly talented Timothée Chalamet, this is surely a movie that will have fans old and new rushing to the movie theaters.

Everyone always wanted to see a younger Willy and know just how he came to be. It’s the ultimate origin story. Although details of the plot are still unknown one thing is for sure. There will be no Charlie Bucket. The movie will be focusing on the upbringing of Willy Wonka and how his famous chocolate factory came about.

There will also be some musical numbers as well. This is the first time Timothée’s Chalamet will be singing and dancing in a movie. So, other than the assuming amazing graphics, there will also be catchy songs too!

The director of the movie is Paul King. He already has some experience directing movies geared towards the youth. He’s directed Paddington 1 and 2. So, there’s no worries that he won’t meet expectations and beyond when directing this movie. 

The movie is being taken on by Warner Bros. Warner Bros. produced the first two adaptations of the movie so, they have a very attentive background. Honestly, with prequels it’s always best to stick with the studio that created the original movies. That way you’re with the studio with the best knowledge on the movie.

It’s a good thing they’ve decided to do an origin story on Willy Wonka because there’s questions that have been left unanswered for years that hopefully will be explained in the upcoming movie. How did Snozberries come to be? How do you make everything in a room edible? How did Willy Wonka rise to fame and get the factory in the first place? These are questions that have been left unanswered for years and hopefully now, they can finally be explained. 

Chalamet has starred in many movies in many different genres but never one quite like this. However, knowing his incredible acting talents, there’s no doubt that this movie won’t be a hit. Things are about to become very sweet!