3 Teen Driving Tips for Safe and Sound Driving Experience

When there comes a moment for learning how to drive teenagers rarely care about safety. They’re thinking about how to get driver’s licenses quickly and get their own four wheels. It’s a natural desire to have a car when you can do everything you want and drive everywhere you want.  

However, safe driving is what teens must learn as more than 2000 teen drivers from fifteen to twenty years old died in accidents that happened in 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That’s shocking statistics since there is an eleven percent growth in comparison to the year 2020.   

While some teens can boast of their personal vehicles, others ask parents to let them drive their cars. In this respect, parents need to know that the question of safety is taken seriously. You want your parents to trust you completely.  

Apart from parents’ approval, safety on the road is what will save you from many dangers. One day you may come to the UAE, when you’re over 21, to take advantage of luxury car rental Abu Dhabi as rental prices there are much lower than anywhere on the globe. You will have responsibility not only for yourself or your passengers but also for the fancy car you rent. 

In case of any car damage, you’ll be the one to blame and pay huge fines. You wouldn’t want your trip to become a disappointment.   

So, if we’re talking about driving cars, you need to know what you should do to observe safety. Here are some easy ways you can ensure a high level of safety while driving.    

Useful tips for teenagers  

Learn everything you know about the car you’re driving  

When you have a lot of experience, you can manage every car easily. However, when you only get your driver’s license, you should pay close attention to how the car behaves on the road, where all the indicators and buttons are located, how brakes are working, and so on.  

Imagine that you plan to go to Dubai for a fascinating adventure with your friends. Most likely, you’d want to hire an automobile to see all the gems this city can offer. You can rent a car Dubai International City. A car you would choose to rent will not be the same as the one you drive at home. Differences in their manageability can become a cause of crashes or damage. 

Make adjustments for comfortable and safe driving  

It can seem like the last thing to do; however, every driving instructor reminds you to make adjustments for your comfortable driving as soon as you get in the car. You start with your seat and then you change the position of all the mirrors. Why is the adjustment of these settings of paramount importance?  

You must be able to reach the pedals easily. If you do not adjust the upper part of the seat, after a couple of hours of driving your back will hurt, this will lead to your tiredness and subsequently, to the loss of attention to what’s going on the road. When you change the position of all mirrors, you allow yourself to see all the vehicles that are behind and to the sides of you.  

Pay attention to the distance and speed  

Apart from wearing a seat belt which must be an unconscious habit, you should always monitor the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead. Moreover, remember that speed limits were created not as challenges, but to save lives.  

It’s not a smart thing to drive close to the vehicle that is in front of you. Well, do you know what this driver is going to do in the next second? What if the car that is in front of him applies emergency braking? You risk getting into a row of crashed vehicles. However, if there’s a distance between your automobiles, you’ll have more time to apply brakes and not smash your car.  

The safest following distance practice is following the 3-Second Rule. It gives you 1.5 seconds to notice a potential risk and 1.5 seconds to react and slow down your automobile. So, it’s not a matter of space, but of timing.   


When you’re young, you have great learning skills. So, it’s a great time to form habits regarding safe driving. When you follow all the rules and take precautions seriously, you will start following safety measures unconsciously. Leave the desire to look cool without a seatbelt to fools. Even one mistake can lead to serious consequences.