Blink 182 and N-Sync are who inspire all new Los Angeles based pop-rock band, Senses! Make sure to watch below as they explain in this exclusive interview | Young Entertainment Mag

For fans of pop rock or punk music, check out the band senses, a Los Angeles trio cultivating a new unique music edge. The band includes singer Madison Taylor, guitarist Josh Bissell, and drummer Nick Sampson and they recently released their debut EP titled “Take Me Out Of Here”. We have an exclusive interview with the band to learn more about their journey, the EP, their musical inspirations, and more, brought to you by Young Entertainment Exclusive. 

senses was formed via Craiglists, as Madison said she put out an ad looking for musicians to join her. The group described themselves as punk-curious and pop rock, utilizing synths, and big heavy drums and guitar. Some of their tracks have been produced by engineer Blake Harnage, who has also worked with artists like Tate McRae. The trio, whose debut single “Sleepwalking” came out in 2019, released their debut EP this September, produced by Keith Varon, who has also worked with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker. The EP includes singles “sleepwalking”, “novocain”, “gonna make sure”, “one last time”, and “gotta find the words.” senses has toured with Carlie Hanson, Leah Kate, and is currently on tour with Boys Like Girls. They are also currently working on their second EP, set to release in early 2024. The band prides themselves on their relatable and powerful songwriting. 

We asked the group about the overall theme behind their debut EP, and Madison said it represents escapism, or trying to escape reality for a bit, which each of the songs touch on in some way. The band said they went from creating songs on their own to now being very collaborative with producers and other musicians, bringing in a mixture of different songwriting styles. 

We asked each member of the group where they get their musical inspiration from, and Josh said he gets it from other friends who are musicians. Nick said he gets his inspiration from groups like Blink 182, N-Sync, and Paramore and Madison said she gets her inspiration from different television shows and movies and music from both Fleetwood Mac and Pat Benetar. The group described their sound as “aggressive,” “brooding,” “big,” and with a lot of “punch.”

Madison said their current rehearsal process often consists of filming Tik-Toks singing and dancing to their songs to promote them to a wider fan base. We asked each of them what their favorite song of theirs was, to which Madison said hers is “can’t find the words”, Nick said “gotta make sure,” and Josh said he especially likes to play “one last time” live. 

Thank you, senses, for your time and for speaking with YEM! Make sure to follow them on their Instagram at @sensestheband (senses (@sensestheband) • Instagram photos and videos). Please also watch the interview below, where we ask them more questions about performing, their favorite lyrics, and more. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!

Consider this: 

  • Use social media apps, like Tik-Tok, to promote your music. 
  • If you want to succeed musically, you need to love what you do. 
  • Look to your musical idols and favorite bands for inspiration.