New Music Friday: Independent Music

Ladies and gentlemen, the first month of the 2023 season has officially come to a close. With the times feeling like they are starting to fly faster and faster, I’m sure of one thing that is flying into the new year with speed. The music scene has busted out of its old shell and into a new one. We have seen new artists come to the scene as well as artists who have been sculpted for a long time. What do these artists have in common? They are all independent! This week, we look at some up-and-coming artists with the title of independence. It shows how these talents have made it by themselves by listening to their crafty and unique music. Let’s dive in and take a look at songs by independent artists released in the first month of the new year with this week’s New Music Friday!

1. “Not a Problem” by Estella Dawn

It’s not a problem at all that we get to include Estella on this list. Set to break in the new year with good vibes and flawless vocals, this song will have you dancing into the month of February.

2. “How to Make a Million” by Gold Spectacles

There are many ways on the road to a million. The question is, are we talking about money, cookies, or streams? We are talking about the dynamic duo that does it all from producing to singing with “How to Make a Million”.

3. “This Dream” by Kowloon

There’s one thing for sure, 2022 felt like it was one long dream. It seems like Kowloon still isn’t ready to wake up from his dream though as 2023 comes into full force. Much like his dreamy vocals, this song will be sure to ease the mind.

4. “Shake It” by Deeper Purpose

No need for crazy over-the-top vocals. Deeper Purpose can keep anyone intrigued with his over-the-top production skills. They really come out in this one as this fast passed song will have the entirety of your body pumping with movement.

5. “Make Believe” by The Lovelines

I’m almost positive that we will not have to play make-believe anymore in 2023 because The Lovelines are on their way to the top. This brother and sister duo is one to look out for this year.

6. “Lights Out” by bludnymph

I won’t lie to everyone; I was a little scared when I heard the eerie laugh at the beginning of this song. But then, the lead singer goes into a melodic rap followed by amazing singing! I didn’t even realize I was bopping my head until the song stopped!

7. “Martyr” by Jake Huffman

Surprised, that is the word for this one. I wasn’t expecting the powerful vocals from  Jake immediately jumping into the song. There is one thing for sure. This artist knows how to make good music!

8. “Problems” by CeCe

If you didn’t leave your problems back in 2022, then you might connect with this one. Extremely clean and catchy is the way to put it. Let’s just hope your problems aren’t too catchy but if they are, connect with CeCe on this masterful hit.

9. “Daffodil Floors” by Mandi Mapes

It really does feel like you are having a conversation with Mandi in this song. Such a great name for a song with even deeper lyricism to fill every void I thought I had.

10. “Throwback Tears” by Valley

The perfect song for you if you have relationship issues that were brought into the new year. This song might just motivate you to stop crying those throwback tears, hop on the saddle, and keep yourself moving up.

11. “Clean” by Laveda

Clean is the perfect word for this one. Clean vocals, clean rhythm, and most importantly, a clean song. Coming this time next year, you might have to remove them from this list of independent because someone is sure to scoop them up!

12. “Stranger” by Jordyn Stranger”

Is It crazy to say that Jordyn has the tonality and smoothness in her voice of a young Justin Bieber? Such a well-blended song that will make you continuously smile with its dance vibes.

13. “Fruit Flies” by Elison

It continues to amaze me how some of these names on this list aren’t a lot bigger. Mostly, Elison surprises me as the music sounds like it should be played on the end credits for a major movie! That’s all you need to hear about this song!

14. “By My Side” by Kapuzen

Where are my rave fans at? I’m sure you’d all be willing to go crazy to this one in a dance setting. The production is on point as well as the tendency to want to dance every time I hear it!

15. “Start Over” by Robby East and Tailor

You can tell as soon as the clashing instruments come into this song that it will be about something deep and powerful. That is exactly what you get with “Start Over”. The perfect song for the new year as well to get a chance to start over and move on from the past.

16. “Badder Than The Bad Boys” by Peyton Shay

I always thought it was impossible to be badder than the bad boys. That was until I listened to Peyton Shay’s newest song. It’s cool, it’s powerful and it makes you want to throw everything to the side and go crazy.

17. “Run To” by Michelle Ray

Imagine sitting in your seat, vibing, then abruptly jumping up and waving your hands in the air. That’s what this song does from the first verse to the chorus. The chorus smashes in creating a whole new level of greatness.

18. “Five of Swords” by Paper Swords

If you love bands, this up-and-coming band is all for you. The beauty of it is, you can call yourself a true fan when they get really big. Every time you listen to this song, it will feel like this band is already established. Well, soon enough I’m sure they will be.

19. “This One’s for You” by Mary Middlefield

Who is this one for? Listen and I’m sure you will find out! This song has such a unique sound that you have to listen to in order to feel it. Great song by a great up-and-coming artist.

20. “Sleeping With the Light On” by Sophie Louise

Let’s cap this New Music Friday off with an amazing independent song! It’s deep and it is just what we need. To all of you out there who might still be sleeping with the light on, let this be the motivation to shut that light off, and be the best person you can be in 2023!