5 Best Bachelor Degrees in Music Education 2022/2023

Getting a bachelor’s degree in music education these days is even more prestigious than ever before because you have numerous options and can get career promotion among other things. A plethora of choices can easily get you confused, which is why you must always take your time and compare the options. Depending on whether you are planning to become a music producer or focus on orchestration or the production of musical instruments, your final choice will differ. The key is to make a list of your objectives and see where they are fully met as you explore the curriculums and see what special features are present.

5 Best Bachelor Degrees in Music Education 2022/2023

1. Bachelor in Instrumental Music Education (Middle Tennessee State University).

It’s one of those rare options where you can focus on all types of musical instruments and gain professional skills as you work with a teaching band, orchestra, or modern types of music. This 4-year-long program is great in terms of equipment, performance skills studies, and musical theory that comes along.

2. Bachelor of Music in Music Education (Southwest Baptist University).

If you have a passion for music and dream about working with youngsters, this Bachelor’s degree program is second to none. It will make you a certified educator for all the K 12 ranges. You can choose vocal or instrumental studies, yet most students choose both. It also has one of the best campuses and a range of additional subjects like Psychology and English Literature. It will require serious research work in the field of Education. So, you may try the best place to buy a research paper online in case you need some assistance or someone to check your writing. Remember that responsibility always comes first as you learn and explore!

3. Bachelor in Music Education (Carroll University).

What makes this curriculum unique is its interdisciplinary approach. It means that you will get your performance training and learn to conduct the proper music analysis studies. In terms of practice, you will work with the university ensemble and record in their studio. It is one of those options that still remain affordable. It also includes an amazing leadership course.

4. Online Bachelor’s Diploma in Music Teaching (Jul Academy).

It’s also possible to get your bachelor’s degree online by joining this Italian part-time program. The instruction is in English as well. If you know Italian, it will be a great benefit as you can access even more helpful information. It is aimed at students who plan to become artists in the music industry. Jul Academy in Rende, Italy is a wonderful community as well. As you learn more about the beautiful Italian culture, you will also improve your writing skills as you study in a foreign community and meet people from all over the world!

5. Bachelor in Music Education (North Central College).

It is the best solution for students that seek performing arts studies. There are over 180 field experience hours (face-to-face practice) allocated that will boost your creative skills and help you gain more confidence as you plan to become a music teacher. The best part is that North Central’s graduates have 99.4% of future employment, according to the stats that they publish.

There Are No Unnecessary Subjects in Music Education

As you are looking through the list of subjects that are mentioned in a typical description of a course in music education, remember that learning notation and composition are always a part of the learning. Even if you are planning to become a music entrepreneur or design electronic equipment for DJs, there are things to learn for a reason that will help you to understand a lot. Starting with the basic composition skills to learning to follow the melody as you fine-tune the music gear, it always helps to appreciate what you do and see things from the musician’s point of view!


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