9 Things To Know Before Your Cruise

Your first cruise can be amazing and unforgettable for all the right reasons. You may find yourself at spectacular shows, restaurants, and pools onboard the ship. Setting yourself up for success is vital for having the optimal cruising experience. Take important things into account before your sail and enjoy your voyage.

1. Accommodations Vary 

The variety of cruise ships, or types of rooms on a single ship, is astounding to new passengers. One of the biggest cruise tips for first timers is to do extensive research about a ship before you finalize reservations. The vision of your future vacation that lives in your head is most likely to become a reality when you familiarize yourself with styles of rooms and individual ships. Knowing key terms related to life on a cruise ship can help you to make appropriate selections

2. An Early Arrival Plan is Insurance 

Try to fly or drive into the port city several hours before boarding starts. Even planning to stay in a hotel the night before your cruise can ensure that you will not miss departure because of any earlier travel delays. Building a buffer of time can ease your mind and protect your vacation time from unexpected challenges.

3. Less Luggage Equals Less Stress

It may be tempting to bring every outfit for your Instagram photo session, but you don’t need more than you can carry. Minimizing your luggage can help you to speed through airports and onto the ship. Make sure to pack a bathing suit and wear walking shoes upon arrival. Pack essentials like medication and remember that large ships often have convenient shops. In other words, leave room in your luggage for bringing goodies home. Check if your cruise ship has laundry service, too.

4. Dining Rooms May Have Dress Codes

Do remember to pack a formal outfit or other clothes that fit your ship’s potential dining room dress code. Breakfast and lunch buffets are typically casual and special banquets could be an opportunity to express your style.

5. All-Inclusive Plans Can Help You to Relax

An all-inclusive plan may allow you to eat at most or all of the restaurants without adding up a new bill every day. You can fully relax during your vacation without the need to monitor culinary spending on the ship. This can be especially nice for families or friend groups with children.

6. Your Data Plan May Need Revision

Cell phone coverage and roaming costs differ around the world. Review your options with your carrier before the trip so that you don’t receive a surprise later. Many ships have Wi-Fi that can allow you to check emails and use messaging apps without using cellular data. Put your phone on airplane mode most of the time to reduce data use and stay present at sea.

7. Electronic Devices Should Be Protected 

Back up any devices that you plan to take on board and update your passwords. A strong phone case will be your saving grace if you drop your device on deck. Consider using a virtual private network if you need to connect to the internet for any work or personal finance management activity. Having extra chargers on hand is a must.

8. You Don’t Have to Plan Every Minute

Create space for slow days and breathing room. You are allowed to enjoy the beautiful ship and sea views without running around. Sit a spell on deck and soak it all in before your return.

9. Shore Excursions Can Be Booked in Advance 

Booking your shore excursions in advance can lay the groundwork for an invigorating voyage and score you a spot on the best outings. Make sure that there is no doubt about fulfilling your vacation dreams and consider downloading your cruise line’s app.

Be prepared to make memories that last a lifetime. A well-informed cruise ship passenger is primed to take advantage of copious opportunities for fun.