A Dose of Teenage Reality: Trinkets Season 2

Trinkets is back on Netflix for a second season to bring us another ten episodes of Elodie, Tabitha, and Moe. Trinkets is a teen show made for those teenagers who don’t live in the high towers of the Gossip Girl elite. Or the bizarrely dramatic universe of Riverdale. Season 1 of the show introduced us to three girls from different socioeconomic backgrounds and on different rungs of the high school food chain, brought together under one banner: they’re all shoplifters. *Mild spoilers ahead*

Each girl has her own reason for stealing. Elodie uses shoplifting as a crutch to ward off the grief of losing her mother and the loneliness of moving to a new city. Tabitha lifts lipsticks and leather jackets and struggles to find herself among the expectations put upon her by an abusive boyfriend, well-meaning parents, and the popular crowd. Moe is the brash rebel with high grades and a chip on her shoulder who begins to steal in an attempt to regain her sense of control.


In the first season of Trinkets, Elodie, Tabitha, and Moe find companionship in each other’s messed up lives. They run into each other at school, Shoplifter’s Anonymous meetings, and the occasional concert at Paper Tiger. And even find time to work in some light shoplifting here and there. As Trinkets goes on, their friendship grows stronger along with their issues. One seemingly innocent heist gone wrong cements their bond as they graduate from petty larceny to grand theft auto.

Trinkets season 2 sees the trio on different journeys, each girl trying to backpedal from the disastrous events in season one. Elodie goes on tour for a hot minute with Sabine and quickly realizes she made a mistake. Tabitha is blindsided when Luka, her new boyfriend, mysteriously disappears. And Moe, well, Moe takes a leap into the deep end and takes to booze and stealing like a fish to water.

After digging themselves some pretty deep holes, the three girls now have to claw their way back up to the sunlight and face some harsh realities. Tabitha’s struggle in season 2 sees her come face-to-face with the demons of being a survivor of abuse. But also as a Black woman facing racial discrimination.


Moe is tired of being disappointed by her father. And her confidence in her academic performance and self-worth is damaged after losing her spot in the Korea internship. It takes a few nights of hard parting before she begins to take her future seriously again.

Elodie faces lock-down after running away in season one and does her best to adhere to the steps of the Shoplifter’s anonymous program. However, a new outlook and even a new love interest aren’t enough to ease Elodie’s ache to continue stealing.

Trinkets season 2 goes deeper than the previous storyline, showing the nitty-gritty reality of poor decision making. Tabitha’s questionable relationship with an older man is outed as unhealthy. Moe’s boozy behavior results in her grades slipping. Elodie’s addiction to stealing influences her young stepbrother. Through the trio’s struggle to do better we see the three girls don’t always get what they want. But they do the work and ask for help in order to get what they need. Be sure to check out Trinkets season 2 for a dose of teenage reality that tells it like it is.

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