A history of Varchie – Archie and Veronica *Spoiler warning*

The course of true love never did run smooth – and Varchie is no exception. The couple has been on and off more times than a light switch. And SPOILER ALERT– season 5 episode 1 brought yet another painful breakup. There have been good moments and bad moments in the course of the Archie and Veronica relationship. Let’s take a look at the history of their romance.

From their first meeting, Archie and Veronica’s relationship was… complicated. They laid eyes on each other at Pop’s when Betty was about to confess her feelings for Archie. But it was clear from the first episode (and their first kiss) that the two had chemistry. They danced around the fact that they had feelings for each other until they finally took things to the next level at the end of season 1.

Things got intense the moment Archie met Veronica’s father, Hiram. It was a little awkward knowing Hiram was literally prepared to murder Archie. But it went from bad to worse when Archie told Veronica he loved her, and she didn’t say the words back. Cue breakup number one. The Betty and Archie saga continued with a kiss that effectively freaked out both the Varchie and Bughead communities. It’s all smoothed over when Varchie reunites (well, other than that cringey Veronica and Jughead kiss).

The couple becomes even closer and Archie slowly gets to know Veronica’s family. But it’s not all rosy as Hiram still has a grudge against his daughter’s boyfriend that ultimately leads him to frame the boy for murder. The second breakup happens after Archie is sent to juvie for his alleged crime. For a while, it looked like Varchie was dust. Veronica moved on with Reggie, and Archie got closer to Josie. However, Archie realized after his relationship with Josie ended that his love lies with Veronica.

Season 4 brought Varchie back, and we were convinced it was for good this time. Then the Archie and Betty story had another chapter, and like before, another shared kiss brought disaster. Season 5 showed yet another breakup between Archie and Veronica after prom night – and this one hurt. Archie’s actions clearly betrayed Veronica. However, they still ended their relationship with Archie wrapping Veronica in his arms, showing no matter what they go through, they still care for each other.

What made us love Varchie was how supportive they were of one another. Veronica encouraged Archie to pursue his music and push past his stage fright, convinced Archie was meant for great things. Archie recognized Veronica’s drive, and he admired her fierce ambition. Their Christmas kiss when Archie gives Veronica a heart-shaped locket with their pictures is magical. But Varchie’s relationship was plagued with complications and thinly veiled toxicity that speaks for itself.

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Now that Varchie is no more, we’re left speculating how the two will move on. Soon the characters will be off at their respective colleges, and we expect Veronica will soon have snagged herself a New York boyfriend. However, not all is lost for Varchie shippers. Riverdale is set to make a timeline jump, returning to the characters seven years in the future.

Maybe this breakup is the best thing for Archie and Veronica. Their separation will allow them to grow into themselves and mature. It could be that when the old flames reunite after a seven-year absence, they’ll be able to rekindle their romance. After all, Veronica and Archie’s conversation from season 3 still echoes in our ears. Archie tells Veronica, “Ronnie when I first met you… you were it for me. Everything I could have ever wanted. I saw our whole future.” To which Veronica replies, “Because we’re endgame, Archie.”

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