A New Love, Victor Season 3 Is In The Makings

For those Love, Victor fans who have already watched season two, don’t worry. A new season is in the makings! 

Hulu just announced a Love, Victor renewal for season three. This is great news for the fans since season two left the fans with a massive cliffhanger (go watch it now if you haven’t or face the consequences of a spoiler alert).

So, the show’s main plot revolves around Victor Salazar (played by Michael Cimino). A teen who just moved and is a new student at Creekwood High. Oh yeah, forgot one tiny important thing. He’s gay.

He’s gay and has a very religious family. So, he reaches out to Simon (from the popular movie Love, Simon) for advice. All through this process he learns just who he is and how to be his true self in front of those around him.

Now, season 2 was focused on his new relationship with Benji (played by George Sear). Also, it focuses on Victor’s family’s reaction with him coming out of the closet. Of course there is the drama that comes with every teenage relationship. Also, there’s a love triangle with Victor smack dab in the middle.

So, season 2 had a lot of things going on and the fans went crazy when it ended on a cliffhanger. However, the announcement of a renewal will surely put them at ease. Finally, there’s some confirmation that Victor’s story will play on.

Hopefully Victor will come out of his love triangle with either the dashing Rahim (played by Anthony Keyvan) or the charming musician Benji. The fans are dying to know who he chooses and now it won’t be too long before they see it. The fans hope that whoever he doesn’t choose can still be friends since he had wonderful chemistry with both young lads.

Victor’s got his hands full with this! Fans are on the edge of their seats, and with the announcement of the renewal, counting down the days before Love, Victor is yet again on the TV screens.