Julia Antonelli shares acting tips she learned from her Outer Banks cast members

Julia Antonelli is an actress who can be seen in Outer Banks. Outer Banks is an action-adventure mystery teen drama television series about a group of teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks who stumble upon a treasure map that unearths a long buried secret. Julia Portrays the character of Wheezie Cameron. YEM was able to speak with Julia about what role she felt most resonated with her life and personality the most, how her character Wheezie developed from season 1 to season 2, and what she is most excited about with the release of Outer Banks season 2.

Young Entertainment Mag: How did your world change when you started acting at such a young age? How did your friends and family react? What pushed you to be a part of the industry?

Julia Antonelli: My life changed slowly actually! My career has spanned over quite a few years. I started with a national commercial and then kept auditioning. A few months later, I got  2 shows for Nickelodeon. My friends and family were so excited! I loved acting and being on set so I just wanted to keep going!


YEM: What are your favorite movies and shows that helped you pick up acting techniques?

Julia: I actually took acting classes but watch many different kinds of genres. I enjoy comedy but also suspenseful horror type movies and TV.

YEM: What do you plan on studying in college and where do you want to continue going with your acting career?

Julia: I’ll be starting college in September and will possibly study film and television. I might also concentrate on some business studies as well. My biggest hope is that I can have a long acting career since I enjoy it so much!

YEM: What role have you played that you felt most resonates with your life and personality the most?

Julia: I think I’m a bit like Wheezie but many of my roles have been sassy types of characters. In real life, I’m a bit more easy going and not quite as bratty!

YEM: How has starring in Outer Banks been different from the other shows that you’ve been in?

Julia: Outer Banks is more of an adult/mature show than the others that I’ve done. It got an awesome following right away.

YEM: You’ve done quite a bit of acting, but you’re also a singer. Have you been working on anything related to music as of recently? If not, what do you hope you can do with singing in the future?

Julia: I love singing but I haven’t had the time to work on that part of the business yet! I have done some live shows/cabarets before Covid so I’d like to keep working on those kinds of performances. I practice all the time by challenging myself with pop musical songs.

YEM: How has your character Wheezie developed from season 1 to season 2?

Julia: Wheezie is becoming more empathic toward her family and is realizing that her family has issues! She wants to help all of them but feels more connected to her sister Sarah. She’s realizing who she can and can’t trust.

YEM: What are you most excited about with the release of Outer Banks season 2?

Julia: I’m excited to see the entire final edited season because I know there are some crazy moments and wild storylines! It will definitely be a thrill to see what the viewers think also! I can’t wait!

YEM: Were there any firsts for you in terms of your acting on Outer Banks?

Julia: Firsts would include more improvising and ad-libbing style of acting. I learned to be more spontaneous and really get into the role. I learned to bounce ideas and script changes off the other actors. The cast is really great with that and I was able to practice with them.

YEM: Was there anything about Wheezie that was most challenging for you and how did you overcome it?

Julia: I’m not a mean or bratty person so I have to kind of pull that out of my acting experience! It is challenging to be that way with fellow actors so I hope they saw other sides to my real personality!

YEM: Was there anything, acting wise, that you were able to pick up from your fellow cast members that stuck with you that you’ll take with you on your career?

Julia: I definitely learned to be more in the moment and more off script. Jonas Pate, the director, let me try that alot in my scenes so I will take that experience with me forever! My fellow cast members are absolutely amazing with that. They show a connection that is natural and I try to emulate that in my acting more now.

YEM: How did you feel when you reached 100k followers on Instagram, and what’s one thing you hope to accomplish with your profile?

Julia: I love my devoted followers! They have stuck by me throughout my career since my shows on Nickelodeon. I like showing that I am a normal teen with a fun career and that it’s not always about the fame but about how my characters reach out and actually affect people’s lives. I’ve been in contact with some followers who say that Outer Banks helped with their isolation and sadness during Covid and lockdown! I find that incredibly humbling that we could affect our audience in such a positive way.

OUTER BANKS (L to R) JULIA ANTONELLI as WHEEZIE CAMERON and, Director/Writer/Creator/Executive Producer JONAS PATE in episode 102 of OUTER BANKS Cr. JACKSON LEE DAVIS/NETFLIX © 2021

YEM: Which film or show that you’ve been in was the most impactful for your acting career?

Julia: All of my shows have had an impact in different ways but I would say right now that Outer Banks has brought me more attention. The show show reaches a big audience and I’m so fortunate to be in this cast.

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