Up-and-Comer: Meet The ‘Brave’ Amy Manson

Once Upon A Time finally returned to ABC Sundays this week, and with its return came the introduction of the live action version of one of our favorite animated heroines, the headstrong firecracker Merida of Brave. Playing sassy Scott Merida is sassy Scott Amy Manson. Whilst having quite the busy resume of badass roles back in her native UK, OUAT is likely the first time American audiences have seen the talented Miss Manson. In the UK she’s known for her work in film (Not Another Happy Ending) and television (Atlantis, Being Human, and Misfits).


Merida is just the bow-and-arrow wielding wildling that the new season of OUAT needed in the wake of the “dark” storyline featuring Emma Swan getting all evil on everybody. Her feisty spirit and bright red hair bring quite a bit of color to an otherwise dark season. Here’s hoping OUAT keeps Merida and Amy around for as long as she can brave it!!!

Check out a clip of Amy as Merida below!!!