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Anna Duboc is a young singer-songwriter that is taking the music world by storm. She released her first single at just 13 years old. Now, she has over 31 thousand followers on Instagram discovering her latest songs and EPs. With more than 27,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, she is quickly establishing an impressive music career at a young age. Anna spoke to YEM about her process creating music, including the release of one of her newest songs, Ignorance Is Bliss. And she’s more than a singer-songwriter, she also produced the song too. 

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From a young age, Anna was interested in singing and performing. Her mother is a song-writer and has written songs for icons such as Patti LaBelle. This gave Anna the musical bug and inspired her to follow in her mom’s footsteps to be a musician. She said that being around her mom and the people she worked with was influential to her when she was growing up. “Taking what I saw and learned from them really helped with producing this song and co-producing other songs,” Anna said. 

We asked Anna about what she learned early on in the music industry and if she has any advice about being a part of it. The first thing she learned was from her mom, who told her not to throw things away. Anna suggested, “You can take those ideas and put them in other things, and develop them further.” 

According to Anna, the most challenging part of creating her song Ignorance Is Bliss was the emotional aspect of it. “Whenever I write, it’s from a true place,” she said, adding that this song was inspired by her real life. “Writing the lyrics down was hard to do, but once they were on the paper,” it all came together. 

The lyrics of this song were inspired by a situation in Anna’s own life, and a few elements from her friend’s lives were also included. “It was mostly my own emotions and the situation that was happening at that time.” 

The process of writing her melodies “just kind of come out” of her brain, Anna says. It’s a process that’s hard to explain, but at the core, the inspiration for her melodies and lyrics come straight from her own life and experiences, or the experiences of people around her. When inspiration hits, she writes them down and turns them into a song. Sometimes even a picture inspires her. “I have a Notes App that’s just a giant list of lyrics and titles.” 

Releasing this song was a bit different than songs Anna has put out in the past, she told us. She said this release was “more relaxing” and less rushed than putting out an EP. “It was super low pressure,” she remembered. 

Anna has been compared to singers like Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo. She says that it’s “crazy” to be compared to artists of their caliber and success. “They’re so amazing. You think of amazing artists and they’re some of the first people that come to your head.” Hearing that people compare her to them, Anna put it simply – “Wow! It’s just crazy,” she said with a smile. 

Anna also loves performing live and has performed at many notable venues. She recently performed at So Far Sounds in San Diego. It was a long drive, she told us, but she said it was really fun to perform for a new crowd of people that hadn’t heard her music before. “Getting the feedback was nice,” and it was fun to have people in the audience come up to her wanting to know more about her music! 

To keep her voice in shape and healthy, Anna drinks lots of water and stays away from dairy. “Lots of water, lots of tea, not much screaming” she recommended (except for the occasional Conan Grey concert!) 

Anna has worked with Matias Mora, and even co-produced her song “Mystery Lady” with them. “It was really fun. They’re so talented and their production was so amazing on this song.” She said she would start with the lyrics and melody, and Matias Mora would add production to the chords they’d written. “We clicked super fast. It was a really fun team effort and working with them has really helped me with working with other people because they’re so easy to work with. It was a great process.”  

Now that she’s older, Anna says focusing on music has become easier in some ways and harder in other ways. She has been able to strengthen her time management skills, she told us. But as a high schooler, she has a lot of work and assignments to be done. 

What’s next for her? New music! She’s tight-lipped on what and when, so stay tuned for upcoming releases by Anna Duboc!  

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Consider This: 

-Consider holding on to everything that you write. Even if it doesn’t feel right, you could use it later! 

-Consider looking at your diet and seeing what you eat or drink that is good for your voice. Take care of your body and stay hydrated. As a singer, drink water and tea which is good for your voice and avoid drinking anything that could damage your voice.