Artemis Fowl – the newest original movie on Disney+

Artemis Fowl came out on Disney + Friday, June 12th to an eagerly waiting fan base. The movie Artemis Fowl is already known to many from a book series of the same name, written by Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl is a kid genius and criminal mastermind who stumbles on the world of fairies, dwarves, and trolls. 

Fans of the book will notice that the Artemis Fowl movie tour a few detours from the book. Namely Artemis isn’t the leader of a criminal empire. Instead, he’s just a kid who likes to surf and misses his dad whenever he leaves for a business trip. Nevertheless, he’s still incredibly smart and his favorite pastime is listening to the fairy stories told by his father. 

The Artemis Fowl movie also brings to life your favorite characters from the books. Characters like the intimidating Butler, the intrepid Holly Short, and the kleptomaniac Mulch Diggums. The movie starts off when Artemis’ father is kidnapped by the evil mastermind, Opal Koboi. Opal is determined to get her hands on the most powerful fairy treasure, the Aculos. 

Artemis needs to find the Aculos to save his father, but he can’t believe that the fairy stories are actually real. Artemis gets a big wake up call when he stumbles on LEPrecon officer Holly Short and kidnaps her to find out more information about fairy treasure. Holly’s disappearance means that the entire LEPrecon force, including Commander Root, shows up on Artemis’ front doorstep. 

Artemis and Butler fight off the LEPrecon officers. And they even manage to find the Aculos when Mulch Diggums tunnels his way into the Fowl mansion and opens a hidden safe. After a nasty fight with an angry troll, Artemis has become friends with both Holly and Mulch and even managed to return his father to safety with the help of the powerful Aculos. 

Opal, on the other hand, is furious that her prisoner was snatched from her grasp. She vows to find the Aculos and to destroy Artemis Fowl and his loved ones. Artemis is ready to face Opal and embrace his destiny as a criminal mastermind.