Trae Romano talks playing the brother of Stargirl!

Stargirl is a new superhero story, this time with female protagonist leading a team of crime-fighting figures. The CW show starts Brec Bassinger as Courtney a.k.a. Stargirl as she learns more about her new superpowers. Her stepbrother Mike, Trae Romano, doesn’t have superpowers or a Cosmic Staff but he has plenty of sarcastic comments to keep us entertained. YEM spoke with Trae about his love of acting and writing and what it’s like to a part of the Stargirl story.

Young Entertainment Mag: How does it feel to be a part of a new superhero story for Stargirl?
Trae Romano: Incredible. I was never really “into” the whole superhero genre, so this was all new and I’ve discovered how much I really like it. Getting to work with such amazing people and having the story mean so much to the creator also played a huge role in why the entire superhero experience is now a favorite of mine. Brec (Bassinger) said it best, “Geoff is the real superhero” having created such a warm, and genuine story in tribute to his sister that died in a tragic plane accident.
YEM: Do you remember the first superhero movie or tv show you saw? What was it and did you have a favorite superhero growing up?
Trae: It was “The Dark Night” with Heath Ledger. It was kind of scary as a small kid, but I have 2 older sisters so I was on a fast track when it came to what I watched. I totally missed Disney and Nickelodeon shows because I watched whatever they watched, and that had been long gone by the time I rolled around. Batman was definitely my favorite character growing up. My two older sisters were obsessed with Batman. My oldest would play Batman and make my younger sister be Robin. So it was only natural that Batman would be my favorite too. The old school Batmans are the best. Hard to find them these days, but they are the amazing.
YEM: Your character Mike shares a lot of scenes with his father Pat who’s played by Luke Wilson. What is it like working alongside such a notable actor?
Trae: It’s definitely surreal. I’ve been a huge fan of his. I had watched most of his movies prior to even knowing that I’d be playing his son. “Bottle Rocket,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” “Old School” and “Rushmore” are my favorites. We instantly hit it off and he’s surprisingly down to earth and unassuming.
YEM: What is Mike’s take on the new family dynamic and the move to Blue Valley?
Trae: I’d say he’s guarded at first as well as a little territorial with his dad. It had always been just the two of them and now he’s having to learn how to share him not only with his new step mom, Barbara, but also with a step sibling, who just happens to be a superhero.
YEM: Mike’s character is pretty snarky and humorous. Do you enjoy playing comedic characters?
Trae: I do. Some might say I’m a bit snarky off screen too. But to be honest, I like playing any character that I connect with, so it really just depends. I guess the writing for Mike is somewhat like how I am so it has come easily for me.
YEM: Will we be seeing Mike in any action-packed moments in future Stargirl episodes?
Trae: Yes – but I can’t give anything away!
YEM: Have you read any of the comic books? (If so) Is there anything from the comic books you’d like to see come to life on the show?
Trae: In the comic books, Mike is away at military school. I would love to see that come to the screen. Mike could use a little discipline and I’m sure being away and having to adhere to strict rules, would make him a much different character. Of course, he’d still like pop tarts and scaring his sister. I also think it would be interesting to see how he and Pat would interact and if it would it be different having spent time away from him. Right now, it’s just been the two amigos on their own.
YEM: If you had a “useless” superpower (Ex: super strength – but only when it comes to opening jars) what would it be?
Trae: I’d like to be invisible, but only for those awkward social occasions. I’m super social, but it would be great to just vaporize when there’s a situation that gets a little cringey.