Asher Angel spills ‘Andi Mack’ secrets!

Young Entertainment Mag got the scoop on Andi Mack from Asher Angel. Asher plays Jonah Beck in the series. His character befriends Andi by teaching Andi how to throw a frisbee and makes a connection in the process. Make sure to watch Asher every Friday night on Disney Channel.

YEM: What was it like when you found out you got the part of Jonah Beck?
AA: One of the most exciting moments in my life. Years of hard work and family sacrifice allowed the whole family to participate in the celebration. A moment I will never forget.

YEM: What has the experience been like? How is it balancing school and work?
AA: Everything I always imagined it would be. I am surrounded by people that have become my best friends on and off the screen. It is amazing that we all get to take this journey together. Balancing work and school can be difficult at times, but that is a challenge that I am up for.


YEM: What lesson or lessons have you taken away from Andi Mack and your character, Jonah Beck?
AA: Andi Mack reinforces the importance of family, friends and being yourself. These are themes that not only I relate to but hope that viewers do as well.

YEM: What’s one thing you learned from your acting career that will help someone who wants to start acting?
AA: Work hard, never give up and start today. Find your local community theatre and audition.

YEM: Any funny stories to happen behind the scenes (off camera)?
AA: After filming one day all the kids came back to my house and we took a Jacuzzi together. When we were not looking my Dad poured ice cold water on all of our heads from the balcony above. It was really funny and really cold.

We are like family #terriishiding #andimackfamily #andimack #disney #hotelcalifornia #thegang

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YEM: What has been your favorite part of the fan experience?
AA: Meeting new people that love the show as much as I do.

YEM: Besides for Andi Mack what’s your favorite Disney Channel show or Original movie?
AA: Austin and Ally and Good Luck Charlie.

Where to find Asher Angel:
Instagram: @asherdovangel
Twitter: @asherdovangel
Facebook: @officialasherangel
Snapchat: @asherdovangel @asherdov




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