Fall 2017 TV Lineup – Trailer Roundup

The summer is almost here. Which means your favorite TV show is ending for the season, but it also means that you’ll get a glimpse of your new favorites coming this fall. The network and cable stations are starting to unveil trailers for the new shows coming this fall, and there are a lot of them. To help our readers navigate the new content, YEM has gathered the most promising new trailers for you to watch below.


Black Lightning – The CW

Black Lightning is the newest addition to the ever-growing DC verse on The CW. This marks the 5th series on the roster, not including the expanded CW Seed heroes such as Vixon and Constantine. Greg Berlanti has been doing a nice job distinguishing each new series from the previous one, giving them their own theme and tone. Black Lighting continues this trend as it follows the hero from the ghetto, trying to save his community. It looks like a promising new addition to the multiverse, and we’re excited to see how it plays into the larger world.

Krypton – SyFy

Continuing on the subject of DC TV is SyFy’s Krypton. Please note this series is in a totally different universe than the CW shows. However, Krypton looks be a promising story in the DC universe. Rather than focus the leading man, Superman, it will tell the story of his home planet prior to its destruction. Not much is known about the series yet but since the talented David S. Goyer is a driving force behind the series, it’s sure to be dark and emotional story.

⭐️The Gifted – Fox

Fox’s new mutant focused series has some serious potential. For starters, the series is set in the X-men film universe, and the trailer shows that it is make very clear. The trailer is stunning and gives us clear understanding of the narrative, the characters dynamics, and the stakes at risk. Bryan Singer’s understanding of X-men and Matt Nix’s ability create intense and slick action sequences will combine to create what may be Fox’s biggest series since 24.

The Resident – Fox

At one time there we’re countless medical dramas on the air. With the rise of superheroes, medical programs have taken a bit of a back seat. Every year, there are new premieres, but most have trouble finding their footing. The Resident is Fox’s latest attempt. This show is distinguished because of the A-story and B-story focus. We follow a new intern as he learns from a senior resident “the good and the bad of the medical world.” The second storyline focuses on the tense dynamic between the aforementioned resident and his boss, the hospital’s star doctor.

⭐️The Good Doctor – ABC

Fresh off the finale of Bates Motel, Freddie Highmore is about to enter what looks to be another complicated character. David Shore’s new medical drama follows a genius yet unorthodox doctor who is constantly challenged by his superiors. Doesn’t that sound vaguely familiar to another drama that Shore created titled House? The catch here is the doctor has Asperger’s Syndrome. This series could be a hit or a miss, depending on how the audience reacts to Highmore’s character.

The Crossing – ABC

When you think of the greatest mystery series of all time, Lost will surely come to mind. The Crossing appears to be ABC’s attempt to recapture that sense of mystery and intrigue. The trailer leaves a lot of questions for the viewer to ponder. Who are those children? What war are they running from? Who is that woman and how can she jump so high? Whatever the answer, don’t expect them to come until at least a couple of seasons into the series.

Young Sheldon – CBS

With the success of The Big Bang Theory, it is no surprise that CBS made a spinoff. It’s also no surprise that Sheldon is the focus. However, they get serious points for making it a single camera comedy rather than a three camera one. This shift in direction adds a whole new depth to the series. Young Sheldon will not be just another sitcom. It’s going to be a thought-provoking yet comedic story about the complicated character that is Sheldon Cooper.

Star Trek: Discovery – CBS

With how popular Star Trek is, it’s surprising that it took so long for a new Star Trek series to hit the airwaves. This new Star Fleet chapter takes place about ten years before the events of the original series. Unlike the divisive DC and Marvel universes, Star Trek takes place in one prime canon that includes the films as well. However, given the timeframe and setting, don’t expect there to be any crossover with the ongoing paramount film series.   Nonetheless, fans still have much to look forward to here. There are many high profile TV shows coming this fall, but this one will be on everyone’s radar.

Gospel of Kevin – ABC

Some of the best stories ideas take a basic concept and put their unique spin on it. Gospel of Kevin does just that. We follow Kevin as he meets a messenger from Heaven, whom is going to help him change the world; shenanigans ensue. It’s a fun “fool triumphant” story with a religious spin on the buddy team up story. For those who don’t know, “fool triumphant” is a type of story where the main character thinks he is ordinary but learns he is actually special.

⭐️Life Sentence – The CW

With Pretty Little Liars soon to end, Lucy Hale has her follow-up ready to go. Hale’s character, Stella, is dying of cancer and has accepted her death sentence. However, the curveball comes when Stella learns that her cancer has been cured. Now for the first time in eight years, Stella has her whole life ahead her. However, she starts to think that living life may actually be scary than death. This is very strong trailer that sets up what looks to be The CW’s answer to NBC’s This is Us.

Champions – NBC

Champions is a new comedy about Vince, a charismatic gym owner. He has no ambition and lives with his gorgeous and idiotic brother, Michael. The two have a basic life, focusing on women and exercise. However, that is all halted when Vince’s old high school girlfriend introduces him to his teenage son. The premise is a common on in Hollywood, but very few get it right. We’ll have to wait and see how well this one fairs on the laugh spectrum.

A.P. Bio – NBC

We haven’t seen the trailer for A.P. Bio yet, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun. Our protagonist is a philosophy scholar who starts teaching an Advanced Placement biology class, but has no plans for actually teaching. After realizing he has a whole class of honor roll students at his disposal, he decides to use the kids to his own benefit. The premise sounds like 21 meets Bad Teacher, and it’s surely going to cause a lot of laughs.

⭐️Rise – NBC

Rise looks to be the most promising addition to NBC’s lineup. How I Met Your Mother’s Josh Radner portrays a teacher and family man who becomes the head of a school’s lifeless theater department. Rise is inspired by a true story, and it looks to be a promising feel-good story about finding inspiration in unexpected places. Being from the writer and executive producer of Friday Night Lights and the producer of Hamilton, there are high expectations to live up to.

Marvel’s Inhumans – ABC

We started the list with superheroes, and we’ll end it with superheroes. However, Inhumans is more than just another superhero series. It’s the next chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This series is going to be BIG. It’s the bridge between the films and TV shows that fans have been waiting for. The first two episodes will be edited together into a feature film and premiere theatrically. Following that, the entire series will then air on ABC prior to Agents of Shield’s fifth season run. Marvel fans are extremely excited for this series, and with good reason. Agents of Shield has done a nice job of setting up the groundwork for the Inhuman race, and it’s time to see the royal family in action. With a standout cast attached, this series will be a highpoint of the fall TV lineup.