Audio Vixen makes its way from Australia to USA

Australian sibling trio Audio Vixen is made up of Ria, Christine & Ross Pirrelli. This year, Audio Vixen celebrated the release their first United States album with lead- single Another Minute. As X-Factor Australia finalists, Audio Vixen released their first EP in United States in February. The EP is called The Colour of Sound: The Country Collection.  Audio Vixen has performed around Australia at major venues, special events and festivals. In 2013, Audio Vixen was invited by Bee Gee’s legend Barry Gibb to join his Australian Mythology tour. Check out YEM’s interview with the siblings of Audio Vixen below!

Young Entertainment Mag: what was the exact moment you decided you wanted the family to form the band?
Ria: It all came along in stages. I began when I was 4, so did Christine and Ross began music at 12. So we formed the actual trio 10 years ago after years of Christine & I being a duet. It worked really well so we kept going!

YEM: Each of you do vocals across your catalog. So how do you ultimately decide who’s going to sing what?
Christine: We just discuss it with each other and give each song to the person that we feel would sound the best performing it. Unless the person who wrote it has any objections or really want to sing a song that they wrote themselves, its open for discussion. For instance, Ross wrote the song Ghost but wanted me to sing it.

YEM: Are there any huge differences in the music industry between Australia and the United States?

Ross: I feel there is, particularly between the live music culture and types of venues that we have in Australia. Then again the scene between different major cities in Australia such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney are quite varied. Some are a little closer to the scene in the USA whilst others are uniquely Australian. There are also not as many record labels in Australia and the support for community radio isn’t quite as strong here as it is in the USA.

YEM: Is the country music scene big down in Australia?

Ria: Country music has a strong following in Australia. But the sound of Australian country music is quite different to country music in the USA. Ironically, country music artists from the USA are who we draw influence from haha.

YEM: You recently released a new single called “Another Minute”. It has a more country sound than than the indie rock vibe of your song “Animal Instinct”, another single from The Colour of Sound. Does this band have a definitive genre, or would you say it’s a steady blend of alternative and country?

Ross: That’s a really difficult one to answer haha. When we began writing for this album, we decided to just write and not be afraid to put songs on the album that covered a variety of genres because as song writers and musicians, we are genuinely influenced by a broad range of music styles. However, when we look back at the album, it does seem to have a more prominent flavor of alt/classic rock mixed with and country/folk so I guess you could say that a steady blend of the two is a good description.

YEM: You became successful on the Australian X Factor series. Do you have any standout memories from that run?

Christine: X Factor was a good experience for us. It provided us with a platform to make people aware of who we are, what we sound like and hopefully get them to be fans of our music and want to follow our journey. I think as far as standout moments, meeting Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac (a band that we absolutely love!) was very cool. Definitely a bucket list moment haha.