This Is Us: What Kate’s journey teaches us

We’re excited about the new fall season of shows, especially for some brand-new episodes of the heartwarming series This Is Us. The show portrays a family struggling through the obstacles life throws them and learning to lean on each other through the tough times and celebrate the good. This Is Us’s fifth season is set to premiere October 27 on NBC. And we can’t wait to reconnect to our favorite characters. In particular, Kate is a character who’s gone through a lot of growth on the show. From the flashbacks to her as a teenager to her as an adult. Here’s what we’re looking forward to from Kate and the rest of the characters in This Is Us.

*Spoilers for This Is Us ahead*

This Is Us season 4 left off in turbulent times after Randall and Kevin’s intense fight. With the hurtful words being thrown back and forth, we’re left wondering if the brothers will be able to make amends. The other huge bombshell dropped in the season 4 finale is the announcement that Madison is pregnant – with twins! That’s right, Kevin is going to be a dad. Life has given Kevin a rough go lately. And with the insecurity he’s feeling about his relationship with his own father, the news has to be a shock to him. However, we’re looking forward to Kevin’s journey into fatherhood.

We see a tiny glimpse of some reconciliation between Kevin and Randall in the episode’s flash forward to the future. We hope that little pat on the back Kevin’s older self gives Randall’s older self is a sign the brothers can take back their harsh words in season 5.

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Kate’s had many ups and downs over season 4 of This Is Us. She navigated how to best care for her son Jack, who is diagnosed with permanent vision loss. Kate also struggles with her career and her marriage to Toby, who takes the news of Jack’s diagnoses badly. Kate is forced to confront Toby about avoiding his responsibilities as a father, even if it means facing her own fears of being abandoned by another man.

In season 4 of This Is Us, a powerful story arc features younger Kate and her boyfriend, Marc. Kate struggles with her weight throughout the show and her self-esteem. Marc and Kate’s relationship devolves into a toxic dynamic as Marc proves himself to be both physically and emotionally abusive. Kate is emotionally vulnerable, having just lost her father, and her pain makes her easy for Marc to take advantage of her.

Hannah Zeile, who portrays Kate as a young adult, talked about the significance of Kate’s relationship with Marc. Marc exacerbated many of Kate’s insecurities as he was her first boyfriend, her first experience in an intimate relationship. Kate’s pain shows just how damaging one person’s negative comments can be to someone’s life and that emotional and verbal abuse is just as destructive as physical. To find out more about Kate’s younger self, Hannah Zeile, check out her interview with us here.

Kate’s worked hard to get where she is now. She battles weight gain and depression and deals with the fact her son lost his sight. Kate is an example of working through adversity. She doesn’t always do it with grace and often needs support from others. But she finds a way through her darkest moments to celebrate the good times in life. Season 4 of This Is Us gave a hint at an exciting new change in Kate’s life. Could it be Kate and Toby plan to adopt? The only way to find out is to tune in to the new season of This Is Us!