Original author: Augustines
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Label: Votiv/Oxcart

About the Album: The band formerly known as We Are Augustines has dropped the “We Are” and is releasing a self-titled collection on January 21st of 2014. This CD follows their 2011 breakthrough debut, Rise Ye Sunken Ships. The band is now based out of Seattle, and the guys have just wrapped a slew of tour dates around the Pacific Northwest in anticipation of this new album. The album was recorded at Temperamental Recordings, a converted 19th century country church in Geneseo, New York. They followed up this special location with Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This album is markedly lighter than their previous effort, and it’s exciting to see where these guys will go.

Single Spotlight:
Cruel City” showcases the true musicianship of this band while also demonstrating their flair for catchy hooks and meaningful verses.