Ava Allan spills about Emily and the ‘PLL’ finally

In last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (These Boots Were Made for Stalking S07E12) the audience got to meet one of Emily Fields’ (Shay Mitchell) students on the swim team, Addison Derringer. Young Entertainment Mag reached out and got the opportunity to speak with the actress who plays Addison, Ava Allan. Ava spoke about her character crossing the line with Emily… AND SHE KNOWS WHO A.D. IS!

YEM: Hi Ava. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Great performance the other night.
Right off the bat…

Were you a fan of PLL growing up?
AA: I was a huge fan (I still am) of PLL! I’ve watched the show since season one and since I was 10 I’ve always said I’ve wanted to be on the show.
YEM: What was your reaction when you got the call back?
AA: Well I just had one of those really great, spot on auditions where the casting director actually compliments you more than just “good job”. Gayle the casting director called me a magical unicorn and a total badass in the audition, so I was definitely hoping for a callback. 🙂

YEM: Was it hard playing a villainous character against a cast you watched as a fan (growing up)?
AA: It wasn’t too hard because I met the cast and they got to meet me as me first and not my character, so when we actually got to shooting we were able to joke around a bit on set. Shay would say stuff like “I can’t believe I’m getting bullied by a 16 year old” and we would just laugh.
YEM: What was it like on set (behind-the-scenes)?
AA: Working on a show that’s been on for 7 years is one of the coolest experiences. The cast and crew work together so tightly and know exactly what they’re doing. The cast treats each other like family and were super welcoming to me coming on set.
YEM: Will we be seeing more of your character in the coming episodes?
AA: Yes! Make sure you tune into the season finale. So much drama happens in that episode, plus Addison definitely gets into a dangerous situation.

YEM: Any secrets you can spill about what’s to come?
AA: Pretty Little Liars and Rosewood is full of secrets and I definitely don’t want to be the one cast member that lets something out too soon! Lol … one thing I’ll say is to make sure you really pay attention to A.D.’s clues.
YEM: Which out of the five girls do you see yourself as most?
AA: This is a good question! I think I see qualities of myself in all 5 of the girls, so maybe a combination of them would match up to be me … but one of my favorite characters on the show is Aria or Hannah because I love how she has a fun sense of humor on the show.

YEM: Who do you think A.D. is?
AA: I don’t wanna say!! I was part of the final table read so I had the privilege of finding out who A.D. was with the entire cast. So since I know who A.D. actually is I don’t want to give my opinion to throw it off…! I think everyone will be shocked when they finally see the reveal of A.D.
YEM: Where can fans find you on social media?
AA: I’m all over social media! My favorite is Instagram @AvaAllan and Twitter @AvaAvaAllan … I also have a Snapchat which is AvaAllanSnaps 🙂