Baby Yoda: A mysterious and adorable stranger

The Mandalorian season 2 has begun and packed a punch within its first episode. Along with the Mandalorian, aka Din Djarin, we’re reunited with a series favorite, the Child, colloquially known as Baby Yoda. The little green guy captured our hearts from the moment his hover pod opened. However, we still know very little about the Child’s origins and his exact value to the Empire. Despite the mystery surrounding the Child, he made an impact on The Mandalorian series and cemented himself in the Star Wars universe. Here’s a look at what we know about the Child.

We learn in the first episode of The Mandalorian that Din Djarin is hired to capture a target, who is described as fifty years old. Din is nonplussed to discover the fifty-year-old target is a big-eared, green-skinned adorable infant. As the series progresses, we learn more about the Child’s personality. He’s very much like a human baby: curious, innocent, and affectionate. Yet with a wisdom and power beyond that of most adults.

The Child’s abilities are great as he reveals himself to be attuned to the Force, using its power to manipulate objects as well as heal. The Child is also able to empathize with Din Djarin on several occasions to heal his injuries or defend him. The relationship between Din and the Child grows throughout the series, creating a father-son bond. Despite his powerful abilities and surprising age, the Child is still very much a baby. And he hasn’t matured fully or learned to control his abilities. Using his powers to excess drains him and puts him in a deep sleep. The Child also relies heavily on Din for protection and as a parental figure.

When audiences first saw the Child, his wrinkly-skinned, big-eared appearance immediately thought of the legendary Jedi Master Yoda. The two seem to be connected as both seem to have incredibly long life spans, both are Force-sensitive beings, and both have displayed marked wisdom. Since we didn’t (and still don’t) know the Child’s name. He was dubbed “Baby Yoda” by fans nostalgic for the Jedi Master they grew up with. Baby Yoda isn’t actually a younger version of Yoda, and there’s been no indication the two are related. But since we know next to nothing about Yoda’s species, it’s possible Yoda and Baby Yoda have a connection.

Baby Yoda is still a beloved character not just for his adorableness but for his loving nature. And devotion to his friend and father figure Din. Baby Yoda also teaches us to be curious and reach out to people, taking the time to help others who need it. What might be the most important illustration that comes from Baby Yoda’s character, though, is that evil is not an inherent trait in people. Baby Yoda uses his power to heal indiscriminately and only wields the Force in order to aid and protect. Baby Yoda’s innocence may seem to make him naïve and gullible. But it also makes him more open and willing to trust those willing to help – in the end making him stronger with his team of friends. 

We’re hoping season 2 will shed more light on the mysteries of our friend the Child. We’ve already had one surprise appearance by a veteran Star Wars character in the newest episode. (Don’t worry, we won’t say who) So it could be that more of the Child’s kind or even the Force ghost of Yoda could crop up.

Be sure to check out the newest episodes of the Mandalorian season 2 on Disney+ to find out more about the mysterious Baby Yoda.