Bailey James shares how she was able to find herself through her career in an interview with YEM

Bailey James is a breakout country artist. Her current single is titled “Finally Free”.  “Finally Free” is out on country radio and everywhere digitally and has officially charted on the Billboard Indicator Charts. Bailey was also recently honored with the Circle Song Of The Week for this single, presented by the Grand Ole Opry. YEM was able to speak with Bailey about what makes “Finally Free” different from her previous songs, where she draws the most inspiration for writing new songs, and advice she would give to new music artists.

Young Entertainment Mag: What inspired you to become a singer songwriter?

Bailey James: Patsy Cline. I fell in love with the way she could make you feel emotions through the songs. That was what I wanted to do.

YEM: What is your latest song “Finally Free” about?
Bailey: A bad breakup. Well, it was at that time. It was my first real heartbreak. I wrote this song when I was 16. This breakup caused me to find myself so it’s more about that than anything else. I feel this song represents who I am as an artist.
YEM: Is there anything that makes “Finally Free” different from your previous songs?
Bailey: The vulnerability. The lyrics are very personal to me.
YEM: How long did it take to write, record, then shoot the music video for “Finally Free”?
Bailey: It took about 2 years mainly because I was waiting for the right time to release it.
YEM: Why is “Finally Free” important to you?
Bailey: I am so proud of this song. It shows the growth I’ve made in my hardest moments, and that’s something to be proud of.
YEM: Where do you draw the most inspiration for writing new songs?
Bailey: Personal experiences or I’ll find certain phrases or words I like and then write a story off of that.
YEM: What is one misconception about country music that you wish you could change?
Bailey: That you have to be country to make country music. I’m from Philly – a true Northerner – but I absolutely adore country music.
YEM: How do you think you have grown as a music artist since the start of your career?
Bailey: I was so young when I started. I don’t even think I was really an artist back then, but I had music out, videos out, etc. I’ve really found myself and who I want to be and what I want to say in these last 8 years.
YEM: What advice would you give to new music artists?
Bailey: Take risks!
YEM: What is one motto that you try to live by?
Bailey: Live fast, die old and happy.
YEM: How do you define yourself as a music artist?
Bailey: Soulful and honest
YEM: What is your involvement with The Jason Foundation? Why is it important to you?
Bailey: I am The Jason Foundation’s first Youth Ambassador. I lost my brother to suicide at the age of 18 so this is very personal to me. I’ve been a part of The Jason Foundation for many years already and been a part of several campaigns they have organized.

YEM: What is one thing that you hope your listeners take away from your music?

Bailey: Don’t be afraid to feel. It’s one of the greatest gifts of all.

Check out Bailey’s music video for “Finally Free” here!