Love, Victor: Questions for Season 3

Love, Victor Season 2 premiered on Hulu on June 11th and has been receiving amazing reviews. This season picked up immediately where the last one left off with Victor coming out to his parents. The first season focused mostly on Victor exploring his sexuality, but now that the secret’s out and he’s publicly dating Benji, the plot in Season 2 saw many wild turns and it left a lot of burning questions by the time it reached the finale. 

There isn’t an official confirmation for Season 3 yet, so for right now fans can only hope we’ll get to see more of these characters. But for now, here are some big questions for a possible Season 3. 

What will happen with Lake and Lucy? 

Lake and Lucy were giving each other looks all through the wedding during the season finale. And at the end, Lucy grabbed a bottle of champagne and asked Lake to hang out. This could possibly be the beginning of a new relationship and sexuality may be something Lake will want to explore in Season 3. This has been brought up in many interviews so far. 

Will Mia meet up with her mom? 

Mia and Andrew are seen in the car to visit Mia’s mom after Mia received an email from her saying she wanted to see her. This raises the question of what state will Mia’s mom be in? Mia hasn’t seen her in years. 

Will there be more background on Andrew?


At this point, the show still hasn’t explored much of Andrew’s background or his home life, and these are some areas that could further develop him as a character. It would be interesting to see who they’d cast as his dad, and Cuba Gooding Jr. would be perfect for the role. 

How will the relationship between Felix and Pilar develop? 

Felix and Pilar were seen kissing at the end of Season 2. Pilar helped Felix out with some of the stuff involving his mom, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens to his mom moving forward since she seems to be in an okay place right now. Felix and Pilar dating also raises the question of what will happen with Felix and Lake or whether it will even be an issue if Lake is set on Lucy now. 

Who did Victor choose: Benji or Rahim? 

If it’s Benji, it’s been revealed that Victor can sing, so it leads everyone to wonder if maybe there will be a Victor and Benji duet at some point or if they’ll use music as a way to get closer. It would also be interesting to see more of Benji’s home life and about his sobriety and why he felt like he needed to hide his alcoholism from Victor. All that’s really been revealed about Benji’s home life is that his parents are accepting, but there is still so much that has remained a secret. 

If it’s Rahim, it would be interesting to see more of the religious aspect from his point of view, and how his parents deal with him dating Victor if they’re in a public relationship. Victor may find it easier to be with Rahim because they share that in common, but there might also be the chance that Victor might also struggle with Rahim not being fully out yet the way Benji did with Victor. 

What will happen with Pilar and Rahim’s friendship? 

Season 2 didn’t actually show a whole lot of this friendship, but it seems pretty special. It would be great to see the writers play around with this more, and whether Rahim would talk about his relationship with Victor with Pilar if the two of them do end up together. 

How will Victor and Pilar’s home life change with their parents back together? 

Victor and Pilar’s parents kissed at the end of the episode, which was a very interesting turn of events. This raises questions about what that transition will look like once they’re back together, and if their home life will be more stable or change in some other way. 

Will we see more of Benji and Lucy?

It seems like the reason why Andrew and Lucy were invited to Benji’s parent’s cabin back in Episode 4 is because Benji and Lucy are friends. Hopefully, this friendship will be explored more in the future, especially if Lucy was there to help Benji during his sobriety. 

Season 2 left everyone with so many unanswered questions, but it raises the anticipation for a Season 3 even higher. 

Love, Victor Season 2 is streaming now on Hulu. 

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