On My Block Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Netflix’s On My Block Season 3 released last month after a major cliffhanger ended Season 2. The cliffhanger left the fates of the four main characters hanging by a thread. Well, there’s good news as Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal were “unmasked” after being kidnapped. Only to find themselves by the pool at a mansion facing an unfamiliar woman.

Things quickly escalate when it is revealed the woman is Cuchillos. She’s heir/leader of the Santos, and has a mission for the teens. She assigns the kids to find the famous Lil Ricky, her lover, in exchange for the Roller World money the kids unearthed. Slight problem, Lil Ricky has been presumed dead but Cuchillos claims he is alive.

The character Cuchillos- On My Block

Photo Credit: Refinery29

The kids are dropped back off at the place they were kidnapped soon after and now are in a jumble. I guess this is their mission now in On My Block Season 3 as they were seemingly just put into this tricky situation. How can they find a dead guy who is possibly alive? First, to find whether Lil Ricky is really dead, Jamal and Spooky head to the graveyard and dig up his grave.

With Spooky getting spooked out about opening the casket (ironically), Jamal bravely does so only to find it empty, well except for one of Chivo’s gnomes in there. How confusing.

Speaking of confusing, Monse and Cesar have a sleepover that night where she kisses him in the heat of the moment (weren’t they broken up?!). The teen visits him for a sense of comfort after Cuchillos appears at her HOUSE stating that she cannot escape this task or her father would be in danger. It’s easy to tell she could be dangerous considering her name translates to knives in English. Anyways, Monse brings up the past drama with Cesar the next day. Then shoots down the notion of them getting back together. This leaves him scratching his head.

Meanwhile, Ruby realizes his family may be in financial peril. Thus encouraging his friends to get the Roller World Money quicker through accomplishing their assigned task. The friends get on the same page about the task. But Jamal is spooked by the fact that a Prophet girl is possibly stalking him. Hopefully, two dilemmas don’t arise in On My Block! The teen saw the girl at school and in the graveyard the prior night.

With Jasmine being Jasmine, the rambunctious teen shows the four protagonists a montage of clips and theories. These clips and theories suggest Cesar is an heir to the Santos and Monse is somehow involved with the Prophets. Amidst all the supposed baloney, the outspoken Jasmine also mentions that Lil Ricky is indeed alive. With her intel, she’s now in on the “class project.” In conclusion, Cesar’s father is seen getting out of a bus and entering Freeridge…