Flashback Friday: Jeremy Maguire is Modern Family’s Joe!

Modern Family is one of the most popular shows of the last decade. And fans of Modern Family said goodbye to the Dunphys’ just this month. If you’re missing them just like we are, we’ve got a fun throwback interview for you! A few months before the final season of Modern Family premiered, YEM spoke with Jeremy Maguire who plays the adorable Joe on Modern Family! Jeremy spoke about what it’s like to be saying goodbye to the iconic show and what 0ther projects he is working on. Check out Jeremy’s interview below!

Young Entertainment Mag: You play Joe on the hit comedy show, Modern Family. Do you have anything in common with Joe?

Jeremy Maguire: Joe and I have a lot of common. We both love capes, dinosaurs, and chocolate chip cookies. We are both in the same grade. I really do care about my hair. 

YEM: Are you and Joe similar or different?

Jeremy: We are similar in a lot of ways. But he gets in more trouble than I do, like climbing high into trees, being a tattle tale, and locking Phil out of the house when he was supposed to be baby-sitting Joe.

YEM: The show will be starting its final season in September 2019. Are you excited to see how the show ends?

Jeremy: I know everyone is excited. I think I’m going to be sad because I have been working with my co-workers since I was 3 years old and I’m going to miss them. 

YEM: Do you often get recognized by fans of the show?

Jeremy: It depends where I’m at. I always get recognized at the Corner Bakery. I like to meet fans because everyone is always so nice!

YEM: You’ve been on a lot of red carpets. What is that like?

Jeremy: Red carpets are great! I like to meet new people who do the same work that I do.

YEM: Are red carpets fun?

Jeremy: They are a lot of fun because we are celebrating something. Also, dressing up is fun too!

YEM: You are also starring in the movie I’m Not Here, which is a drama. How is acting in a drama different from acting in a comedy?

Jeremy: There are some things that are similar. But, shooting scenes in a movie takes longer. Also, there are more chances to improv the scene.

YEM: Do you prefer comedy or drama?

Jeremy: That’s a hard question to answer. Right now, I like comedy because it’s more of what I do. It’s nice to change things sometimes.

YEM: What do you like to do when you’re not on set?

Jeremy: My life is pretty normal. I hang out with my friends at school. I like Sunday funday time with my cousins and my sister too.