The Bold Type: What to expect in Season 3

The Bold Type fans can rejoice because our favorite Scarlett girls have returned! The hit Freeform show is returning for its third season next week. And Jane, Sutton, and Kat are back for another season of life, love, and fashion.

When we last saw the three girls, they were in Paris (yes, Paris) for representing Scarlett magazine at Fashion Week. Now, the girls are back in New York and dealing with the after effects of the season two finale.

All the girls are killin it in their careers. But the major strides that were made in the finale were in their love lives. Jane realized she had to make a choice between her boyfriend Dr. Ben and her ex, Pinstripe. Sutton finally reunited with her love, Richard. And the two had a romantic reckoning in Paris, the city of love. Kat, however, wasn’t as lucky. She brought her girlfriend Adena to Paris with her. And instead of enjoying a romantic getaway, the two broke up instead.

So now in season three, not much time has gone by. Sutton and Richard have finally gotten their happy ending. Or, as happy as they can be when it comes to dating a co-worker. Kat is having the toughest time. She’s heartbroken over the breakup, and is thinking about Adena non-stop. It consumes her, and I’m sure it doesn’t help that her besties have both been super lucky in love.

And, if you’re wondering who Jane decided to be with? Don’t worry. You’ll find out Jane’s pick in the first seconds of the third season premiere.

Back at work, the girls are confident as ever in their positions and are killin it with their co-workers. But that all changes when the new head of digital arrives: A guy. More on him to come…

But rest assured, the third season premiere is a good one, and has been worth the wait. This episode has everything: our girls taking on the patriarchy. A cute new co-worker who you’ll either love or hate. Queer representation that is met with bug applause. All that and a performance by Betty Who! And of course, our girls helping each other live their best lives.

The Bold Type returns this Tuesday at 8 on Freeform. And stay tuned to YEM for an exclusive interview with Adena herself, Nikohl Boosheri.