Book 2 Screen: Get Prepared for ‘The 5th Wave’

It’s still a long way off to the January 2016 release of Sony’s The 5th Wave, the adaptation of Rick Yancey’s 2013 mega success YA novel of the same name. That being said, it’s never too early to get psyched about what the big budget film version has in store for fans of the book series! You don’t want to get caught in the next wave of the invasion, so get all your 5th Wave info here!!! Check out the official “Sneak Peak” of the film below!!

The 5th Wave film, like the book series, will focus on a young girl Cassie Sullivan and her quest to reunite with her brother after the two separated during the various “waves” of an alien invasion on earth. Having survived the first 4 waves of invasion, Cassie is attempting to find her bro before the 5th Wave, where aliens disguised as human-like beings round up the remaining last humans, catches up with her. Along the way, she meets a possible ally to help in her quest…but it’s just as possible that Cassie’s new friend could be her new foe in disguise.

YE is super excited that Chloe Grace Moretz is starring as our apocalyptic heroine Cassie Sullivan. While Moretz is no stranger to big budget action franchises a la Kickass, The 5th Wave will be her first foray into “carrying a YA adaptation action franchise all on her own” where the reigning queens are Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, and Shailene Woodley. YE would love to see the intelligent and talented Chloe rise to such A-list star level. Yay for Chloe!!!

YE is also excited to see up-an-comer Maika Monroe land the role of badass Ringer. With another upcoming  role in the Independence Day sequel, Maika might just be the sic-fi/action/apocalypse actress to watch out for!!!

With no real official trailer out yet, 5th Wave book fans are dying to know what the previous 4 Waves will look like onscreen. A few set photos are available and they reveal that these aliens and all their “waves” are no joke!!! We can’t wait to see Chloe onscreen battling her way through The 5th Wave in January!!!